The Great ebay Bargain Hunt

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Many comments and postings are made about the "high" costs of postal charges on ebay. I feel it is time to redress the imbalance, that seems to have demonised every seller who doesn't offer FREE POSTAGE. 
Firstly, There is No Free Postage! Not really anyway. You and I will simply by paying for it in the TOTAL price we pay for the goods we buy. Its just obvious isn't it?
Now, I have just read with incredulity " The Great  Ebay Rip Off" by another  reviewer. How Patronising it was. Whilst to the reviewers credit, he is correct about the VAT added issue, which can be hidden within the advert, and is indeed infuriating when you notice it just before purchase.  (ebay please stop this practice).
         But seriously. Does the writer assume that we are so dumb, that we cannot spot, or, do not expect there to be Postal Charges?
Which of course, unless stated as "FREE", are EXPECTED to be added to the purchase price. Postal Charges are NOT the problem. The issue is the ebay charging structure, which is to high on low value items, and by default encourages the artificial boosting of the Postal Fees to offset this imbalance.   There are many bargains to be found on ebay. But  a degree of common-sense is required.  A rule of thumb that my family  has adopted, is that we NEVER bother opening any listing, in which the Postage is not displayed, If people are to embarrassed about the postal charges, then I question their reasons. It is not a factor to us that the price may be £0.99 and the postage £6.00! We are intelligent enough to realise the TOTAL price will be £6.99. what's more, we fully understand why the listing has been compiled in this way.
We do not consider this to be "a rip off" as claimed by other reviewers, it is a practical way to save money, and whilst it may not be viewed as ethical by everyone, providing it offers us, the consumer, the BEST and LOWEST price, I for one really don't care. Its the bottom line price that counts in almost all transactions.  On a personal note, some people do not have local post offices any more, and a trip to the Post office, given the current fuel costs, can mean you need to factor in ALL the costs before you consider how much to charge for postage.
          Free postage, or high postage. Providing its made crystal clear the total cost to be paid . Its our choice to purchase, or not.
Personally, I just want more of those ebay Bargains!
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