The Guide to Buying Lawn Mower Parts and Accessories on eBay

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The Complete Guide to Buying Lawn Mower Parts and Accessories on eBay

A lawn mower that works efficiently makes maintenance easy, irrespective of the size of the lawn. There are three basic types of lawn mowers available, including manual reel, fuel-powered, and electric, and one makes a selection amongst the mower types based on those factors and the size of one’s lawn. Each type of mower has its pros and cons as regards the durability, efficiency, and easy availability of spare parts.

All gardening tools need timely maintenance to keep them functioning optimally, and lawn mowers are no exception. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance increases its efficacy and durability. Over time, however, even well maintained lawn mowers need replacement parts, especially the parts that progressively wear out with each use. Finding the right replacement parts of the correct model and make is necessary to ensure smooth functioning of any power equipment. The right part number helps to make procurement easy; however, one can also find parts that do not carry the part number.

Procuring the various parts for a lawn mower is complicated by the fact that local stores may not carry replacement parts for brands they do not sell, or for outdated models. Online stores such as eBay are a good place to look for lawn mower parts and accessories, as they have hundreds of dealers for shoppers to choose from, as opposed to the few local stores. With eBay’s global reach, shoppers have greater chances of finding difficult-to-procure lawn mower parts.

Lawn Mower Replacement Parts and Accessories

Every piece of equipment is made up of hundreds of different parts and accessories, some of which wear out with constant use and need replacement. While replacing small parts is often easy enough for users to do themselves, anything beyond their ability and knowledge should be left alone and attended to by professionals. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping any power equipment working in peak condition. For lawn mowers, replaceable small parts include filters, spark plugs, and blades, amongst others.

Air Filters

Lawn mower air filters for a small engine fall into three types: pleated paper, element, and foam. Regardless of the type, regular cleaning of the air filters ensures that the engine has proper air intake, allowing optimum performance.

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters trap debris and impurities from the fuel to boost performance and in turn prolong the lawn mower’s engine life. Fuel lines and clamps are other accessories that work with fuel filters in engines.

Oil Filters

Motor oil keeps the motor running smoothly, but oil sometimes contains impurities. Oil and transmission filters trap them before they get to the engine. Naturally these parts get dirty and clogged, so one must clean oil filters regularly, and replace them entirely if beyond cleaning.

Battery, Cables, Chargers

If the lawn mower does not come to life as the key is turned, it may indicate that the battery needs charging or replacement, or that there could be issues with the leads and wires. Batteries and related accessories such as battery cables, chargers, or fuses are some parts that may need replacement.

Bearings and Bushings

All types of lawn mowers such as push mowers, riding lawn mowers, and manual reel mowers need bearings and bushings to ensure smooth, friction-free functioning of its various components. Roller bearings, spindle bearing, split bushing, and flange bushing are some types that are used in lawn mowers.

Drive Belts

One of the reasons for lawn mower breakdown is problems with the drive belt. Some likely causes for equipment failure are cracked belts due to improper storage, excessive vibration of belt on account of increased tension, the belt coming off the pulley if the belt is not the right one, and excessive heating during operations.


Lawn mower baggers are available in various styles and designs for all types of lawn mowers. The baggers, which may be disposable or reusable, collect clippings and can emptied manually or mechanically.

Mower Blades and Blade Adaptors

Lawn mower blades are standard blades or extra action mulching blades that further chop the clippings to a fine mulch, which then goes back into the soil. When replacement blades, blade adaptors, and adaptor assemblies are needed, one can purchase these using the OEM part number.

Ignition Switches and Keys

Ignition switches and keys keep the engine running. These are easy replacement parts of a lawn mower that turn on the main electrical systems of the unit.


Engine mufflers reduce noise levels as the lawn mower is operated. As exhaust gases pass through the resonator chamber of the mufflers, the sound waves are muted and contained.

Mulching Kits

A mulching kit is an accessory that comprises mulching blades and a mulching clip that can be incorporated within the lawn mower. Mulching does away with the need to bag or rake clippings, and mulching kits allow clippings to be recycled and put back into the soil.


As with any other vehicle, lawn mower tyre spares with various treads and traction levels are available for every type of lawn mower.


Lawn mower covers are accessories that protect the lawn mower when it is stored away during winter. Heavy-duty, breathable fabrics that shield the equipment from the elements, animals, and excessive moisture are ideal.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

Lawn mowers are built to last, so a few basic maintenance steps strictly followed will keep the lawn mower in peak working condition for years. These measures will also curb spending on spares and other repairs that arise when the equipment is not properly cared for.

Maintenance Schedule

Check oil every five hours of use, and change the oil every season or after 50 hours of use. Replace oil filters, fuel filters, and air filter cartridges after 25 hours of use or every season; replace spark plugs every season or after 100 hours of use. For optimal engine performance, clean the cooling systems every 100 hours, and clean the engine’s combustion chamber deposits after approximately 150 hours of use.

Other maintenance tasks include sharpening blades once a month and changing them yearly; checking tyres for wear and maintaining correct tyre pressure; and emptying the fuel tank completely before storing away at the end of the season.

How to Buy Lawn Mower Spares and Accessories on eBay

eBay’s selection runs the gamut of spares and accessories for lawn mowers of every make, model, and type. Shoppers will easily find filters, tyres, baggers, batteries, battery chargers, mufflers, mulching kits, and more, by typing out the relevant keywords in the search bar. Several pages of results, each with an array of listings, allow the shopper to select the items they are looking for. Shoppers also have the advantage of comparing features, images, prices, and various other details of products to help them select the one best suited to their lawn mower and lawn mowing needs. Shoppers buying lawn mower spares would do well to spend some time browsing through the listings and selecting several to be placed in the cart. Later, shoppers can review their cart and zero in on the best deal.

Seasoned eBay shoppers are aware of the advantages that eBay auctions offer by way of savings. Auctions are one way to pick up great products at reasonable prices, and any shopper who has registered with eBay can participate in the auctions. Several items on eBay qualify for free shipping and shoppers can opt to have the product delivered to them free of cost. Numerous secure payment options are available on eBay and one will definitely be the right one.


Lawn mowers help keep the lawn tidy and looking good. Manual reel mowers to electric walk-behind mowers, to fuel-powered riding lawn mowers...the range is a wide one with equipment suitable for lawns of every size. As with all outdoor power equipment, maintenance and care should be timely and thorough to keep these in good working condition.

However, despite best maintenance efforts, there will be wear and tear on some parts, especially the mechanical ones. The good news is that replacement spares of most items are easily available on eBay. Mostly, owners will have to look for spares such as baggers, mufflers, bushings and bearings, air, fuel, and oil filters, batteries, drive belts, and blades, as these parts are easily given to wear. It is also a good idea to invest in accessories such as mulching kits and blade adaptors, as these add functionality to the equipment. A good quality cover will protect the machine from the elements keeping it in good condition for several years.

Most replacement parts are not very expensive, and will not break the bank; moreover, replacement parts allow the owner to use the lawn mower for several more years. However, owners ought to take the maintenance schedules seriously to keep the spares needed for the lawn mower to a bare minimum. When replacement parts are needed, shoppers should make efforts to find the OEM part numbers from their equipment to make it easy to locate the perfect part.

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