The History of Swarovski

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The History Of Swarovski



In 1895, a young Austrian glass cutter named Daniel Swarovski (swore off ski), became Worldwide renowed when he invented a grinding machine that could produce large numbers of decorative Crystal in different forms, sizes, and shapes. For more than 100 hundred years now Swarovski has been producing the World's finest man-made Crystal. Their beads remain unmatched in quality and brilliance. No competitor has come close to replicating the precision cuts of this Austrian Crystal.

To be classified, there must be 22-30% lead content. Swarovski uses 32%, thhis qualifies it as "Fully Leaded Crystal" Lead, when combined with quartz sand, soda, potash and other minerals, enhances the natural index reflection, weight, brilliance and prismatic qualities of the Crystal. This is what gives Swarovski Crystal that beautiful sparkle and shine, setting it apart from other Crystal. With ans ever-growing selection of colours and shapes, Swarovski offers Jewellery Designers unlimited possibilites in their Designs.


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