The Ins and Outs of Skin Care for Teens

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The Ins and Outs of Skin Care for Teens

Teenagers are the ones most plagued by skin care issues like oily skin and acne. At this less than simple part of life, they are highly concerned about their complexion and probably use more and more of skin care cosmetics than most these days.

While we know that ladies of a certain age tend to splurge on anti-aging creams, it really is teens who are doing the most shopping when it comes to skin care for everything from creams and lotions for oily or dry skin, to pimples to something for the dark circles under their eyes that accompany a late night of partying…Oops…I mean studying!

There are so many companies who have special skin care products that target teens and these are often lotions that are made up of cheap ingredients and chemicals and then infused with cheap perfume to top them off and give the illusion of a good product. They are inexpensive and easily found at drug stores, but in the end you get what you pay for.

These products that claim to clear your skin overnight for a suspiciously low price are filled with drying alcohol and cheap perfume which actually worsen the problems. Reputed companies, like Christian Dior makeup and skin care are not only top of the line because of the ingredients used but also years of development by the top people in the skin care field.

Avoid skin care products with ingredients such as trilosans, which are actually used to kill weeds!  As mentioned, alcohol is drying and often only used in the cheap perfume and fragrance in a lot of the lower end skin care products. Try your best to use products that make use of natural ingredients.

Olive oil which is natural and works wonders on the skin is used in many of the Christian Doir skin care products. Chritian Dior makeup and skin care prides itself on being made of only the finest ingredients and often contain things like grape seed oil which helps with improving skin luminosity, texture and is great for the delicate skin around the eyes for erasing dark circles.

Teens strive on being social and their appearance plays a big part in their confidence and how they feel, so when it comes to something as important as skin care, the last thing you want to do is skimp on quality only to keep experimenting with bad products that contain harsh chemicals, cheap perfume and fragrance. Choosing something a little higher end like Chritian Dior makeup and skin care products will not only take care of your skin and improve your look, but also save you money in the end.

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