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We have all seen programmes like Watchdog and Rogue Traders and thought `that won't happen to me' but believe you me it does through no fault of your own. One such rogue firm is the `The Internet Bike Shop' ! We bought a Sukida 125 Crosser in June 2007 so it is less than 6 months old from a dealer in Cornwall who no longer act as this firms agents but as I write, the bike is in the garage completely unusable and illegal for use on the road in the UK due to faulty manufacture and corrosion. Because the dealer has left the Internet Bike Shops network they can't get the parts and communicating directly with the Internet Bike Shop under the Sale Of Goods act just provokes meaningless replies from them and then they threaten you with legal action if you persist!

Don't believe what they say on e-bay or on their internet site -they really don't care!

This bike is currently on its second engine due to the first one having an out of balance crankshaft which shook the engine and many fittings to bits. After a struggle the local dealer did honour the warranty to fix the bike but claim they had to strip the bits off another new  bike because the Internet Bike Shop have never supplied them with warranty parts! Since then the exhaust silencer has completely collapsed due to corrosion and faulty manufacture  -  after less than 6 months and 2000 miles and being garaged every night!  Believe me, this firm is absolute rubbish and don't touch them with a bargepole! If you are lucky and get a cheap bike which holds together then you might get a bargain-otherwise, if you need any warranty work done -forget this company and buy something with a decent guarantee from a firm with a proven track record. We all can get duped once in our lives and this was our turn -be careful it can happen to you as well!!

I am turning everything over to Trading Standards to see if they can get a result-in the meantime I am £800 out of pocket and it hurts! Never again! 

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