The Japanese Matchlock,Tanegashima.Antique.

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Although ebay do not although the sale of Japanese Matchlocks, it has to be said that these ancient weapons are an area of collecting that has the potential for both profit and study.

Entering Japan in the 17th century, the Japanese grasped the technology with a fervor that led them to manufacture and use this weapon for over two hundred years.

Simple enough to train a basic field fellow to use and maintain, he became the equal to a Samurai who had spent his martial life  training to become a formidable opponent.

The stocks are fine and usually of oak, the barrel is beautifully made often by ex swordsmiths.

Signed but seldom dated,often with  Mon(Family crest) and rarely converted to percussion using western parts. I have one that has an 18th century stock converted in Japan to take a WW2 Arasaka bolt action, smooth bore barrel(Obsolete) for hunting purpose.

A truly fascinating area for study and collection. "These have modern copies but are honest, never seen one advertised as genuine.

'To help rid ebay of sellers misdescribing items I have put a "Feedback" (Grumpy Blog)guestbook on my web site. Visit and add or read so we as a community can avoid being 'Ripped off'

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