The Joy of Buying Vintage

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Buying vintage items will not only take you back, perhaps to those halcyon days of childhood or to allow you to create a certain time period in your home. It can also allow you to own items of excellent quality at a very modest cost. Often at a fraction of the price of a comparable modern piece.
Many vintage items, particularly in the Kitchenalia and Vintage tools categories are still fit for everyday use. What better than eating your supper from vintage crockery using period cutlery? Just remember to get the meal right with a period cookery book!
Then wash it down with a nice cup of tea, made properly in a china teapot and sit back and admire your period décor.
Not only do you get to relive times gone by, you also get the satisfaction in knowing that you have made a very green buying choice. No new pollution to make new items, just breathing life back into an old one.
Of course it may be that you are a collector of a particular range of items. Vintage has it all, from teapots to figurines, tools, scientific instruments, salvage, cameras (collectible and useable), ephemera and much, much more.
It seems that, whatever it is that you are into, the thrill of the chase remains the same for us all.
One customer having bought several collectible figures from me, informed me that he now only needed one piece to complete his collection. He had been looking for it for several years with no luck.
I was delighted to be able to include this piece in his order and to surprise him with it. I had one at the time that was not yet listed in my shop. Needless to say he gave me some very good feedback.
In fact, whatever it is that you are after, vintage has the ability to take you away from the present day, on a splendid trip back in time.
So don’t let me stop you, go and buy something old and wonderful.

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