The Larks Head Knot

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The Larks Head Knot

If you have not tied a lark shead before, practice these steps in front of the telly before setting off for the flying field with your Pansh Power Kite from the Official Pansh eBay UK Shop.

1/ Insert thumb and forefinger through the sleeving loop in the end of the flying line, and spread them apart.


2/ Bring your wrist over the top of the lines to form two loops round the thumb and forefinger.


3/ Pinch the thumb and forefinger together to trap the two loops.


4/ Remove your fingers, and pinch the two loops you have just formed together.


5/ Inset the leader for the handle or bridle through the two loops.


6/ Pull tight. and slide down to seat against the knot. Job done.


With a bit of practice you can tie this knot in a couple of seconds, and so long as its pulled tight it should never let you down.

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