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  1. READ THE AUCTION DESCRIPTION COMPLETELY - Make sure that the autograph isn't being described as a preprint, reprint or copy. There are MANY sellers of these illegal duplications on eBay.
  2. Research - Search Google for autograph collecting web sites. Ask them lots of questions.
  3. Don't rely on a COA.They are completely worthless and NEVER prove an item is authentic. There are a few exceptions to this rule. We hope you understand that the issuance of a COA does not make an autograph legitimate on its own: something that many forgers would like you to believe. What counts is the credibility of the dealer.
  4. Get to know the Seller - Check the seller's feedback and history on eBay. Check out their current and completed auctions. Are they constantly listing high profile and very rare autographs every week? Look at the autographs. Are the signatures unique or do they all seem to look very similar? It is very obvious when the same 'hand' has signed most of the items. The best guarantee a buyer has for autographs is the credibility and experience of the dealer and the probability of the dealer being in business in the future.
  5. Ask a question - An honest seller will have nothing to hide and will not get defensive.
  6. High feedback numbers only prove a seller has fulfilled their obligations to the seller and prove nothing about authenticity of the items sold.
  7. £9.99 autographs: Authentic autographs do not sell for £9.99. Let's do the maths, the photo itself costs around £4. That leaves £5.99. Subtract the ebay and paypal fees and that leaves about £4.00. Do you really think a person would wait all day to get an item signed and then only ask for £4 profit for the time and trouble? I highly doubt it. Some stars even charge £20- £30 just to sign a photo. We need to be realistic here.
  8. Once the item arrives - Analyze the autograph to make sure that it is not a preprint (photos, books and letters only). To test photos, simply hold the photo at an angle to nice bright light. A real ink signature will actually be on top of the photo and will reflect differently than the rest the photo. A preprinted autograph will reflect exactly the same as the photo and will look as though it is actually part of the photo. Once you see this for the first time you will be able to locate these easily. Books and letters are more difficult but the process is basically the same.
  9. Think about ink - It is easy to fake a signature using a felt tip pen, .The felt tip pen has only been around since the 1960s (first Sharpie was made in 1964) and the metallic silver sharpie was introduced in 2002. Any autograph before 1960 will be in pencil or pen.
  10. Use an authentication service: PSA/DNA will check any ebay auction and give you their opinion on the possible authenticity of the item. This can be done long before you bid and they usually respond in 24-48 hours. This service costs less than £10. Check their website for details.

11. FOOTBALL SHIRTS FROM THAILAND -If its a signed shirts you are buying think for a minute how can people sell you them so cheap

A shirt in a high street shop will cost you £40, then you would have to get it signed and a fully signed shirt can take weeks to complete trust me on that one, then the expense of going to the training ground every day and after you have done all that ebay want selling fees and paypal want there %

And then people sell them on 1 day sales with private bidding how ???

They Use FAKE shirts from Thailand 

Don't Be The Next Victim

Only Buy Authentic Shirts with Authentic Signatures

I hope this guide will help you and educate you about buying autographs on eBay, If this guide saves 1 person from getting conned then its worth it

Thank you




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