The Mad Mad World Of Posting Items

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As its now 4 years since I joined the mad mad world of Ebay, and everyone is now writing  guides, I thought I'd join in, as its the first attempt of writing a guide aka blog, I would mention all the good people who I have traded with worldwide, not everyone is "out for a quick deal", there are some really nice people who have been an absolute pleasure to serve.

Having said that, the world wide postal service are now after their slice of the Ebay cake, with various rates being sited all over the world, now they want you to label the packages in such a way, that if you dont do exactly as they say, your item is returned to you, and then you get irate emails from clients, say "where is my item", and you have to repackage it again and more postal costs are incurred by you, due to the post office throwing their toys around.

Also add to that, in August 2006, UK Postal Service have come up with this nutty idea of pricing items not by wieght but by size as well, can you imagine the queues in your local Post Office, with all the proffessionals with the "trouser suits" upsetting all the pensioners trying to get their benefits, as they havent a clue what rate is which, I'd recommend  you find out excactly how much the changes will cost, of course I know there are some sellers who charge "over the odds" for postage, and while its an unfair practice, there is no law which says you can't, but always add that fact into the equation before bidding as you cant retract a bid after you won the item...


I hope you find this guide useful and happy bidding :)




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