The Moon a Biography by David Whitehouse

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The Moon a Biography by David Whitehouse 145mm by 225mm 304 pages some black and white photographs and colour illustrations.

The Moon as a dark mysterious subject surrounded by myth and legend and a modern scientific study are both sides of the coin in this rather well written book.

David Whitehouse spends rather more than half of the book looking into the early myth and legend of our closest astronomical neighbour. This is an ideal study for anyone interested in viewing, mapping or photographing the moon through a telescope. It will uncover the reasoning behind so many myths and legends as to how they became so deep seated in our conscience.

The second half of the book was far more interesting for me personally. It deals with a more objective, scientific and up to date study of the moon, the early Appollo missions and luna probes. Toward the end the author offers conjecture on the colonisation of the moon for further space exploration.

For me, this was a great eye opener in understanding how the moon was formed and how it effects life on earth. A compelling read, one that I will dip into time and time again.  

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