The New Honda Jazz 1.4 Ex

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I am an owner of a Honda Jazz of the new 1.4 Ex, this is an excellent car, with loads of room in the boot, has the seats can be split. I did have a 58 plate Jazz and i have noticed that the new Jazz is a lot more spacious than the old one.

The Honda Jazz will do approx 47MPG on a short journey, but on the longer Journey i get round about 55MPG, Specially if your car has cruise control, has it stays at the same speed all the time.

The new Honda Jazz has climate control and air conditioning (Which is optional) It also detects when it gets dark, and the light's will come on automatically, depending if you have set it for it to come on automatic. The new Jazz also detects rain on the windscreen and the wipers will come on automatic, again if you have it on the setting, it has the settings from 1 to 2 speed, it still has the intermittent wipers. If you have it on automatic wiper's and you come to reverse, the rear wiper blade will come on. The rear wiper blade is also intermittent.

The climate control just stays at the same heat, so your not sitting in a traffic jam and fiddling to turn down the heater, the only down side to climate control is that the air condition will kick in. It also has a great front demister, that clears within seconds.

The new Honda Jazz is a I-Vtec engine, where as the older jazz is the old DSI engine, with it's 8 spark plugs, where has the Vtec only has 4 spark plugs.

It also has front and rear fog light's, front one's are optional again.

I would recommend the Jazz to anyone, they are cheap to insure, and the tax for 12 Months is £100.00.

Very economical little car, and very nippy for getting out of junctions.

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