The No-Nonsense Guide To Happy eBay Selling Experiences

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There are 6 things that can spoil your eBay experience:

  1. Newbies
  2. Idiots
  3. Time-wasters
  4. Obnoxious gits
  5. Dishonesty
  6. Negative & Neutral ratings

Thankfully, there is something you can do about all of these things.

Firstly, newbies aren't ALL annoying - they just need to learn and they will become better eBayers if you inform them NICELY. Remember - you were new to the site once! Have a bit of patience with them and calmly point out quotes from eBay help pages - where necessary - without being aggressive or patronising. Don't put up with too much rubbish from them though. That goes for ALL users. The customer isn’t always right. You should go out of your way to make sure customers are pleased, but don’t let them take you for a ride.

Idiots are a plague upon eBay. There is one thing I have learned that makes transactions go alot smoother. MAKE ALL OF YOUR LISTINGS 100% IDIOT PROOF. Don't take anything for granted. You can't expect some of these people to make basic common-sense assumptions. Specify everything in simple, plain writing. Point out any imperfections with the item, point out anything that isn't included that people might assume is included, measure everything, describe the colour if the picture makes it look a little different, ALWAYS INCLUDE PICTURES, use HTML to put close-up pics within the listing and POINT OUT YOUR RULES. I constantly update an image that I post on all listings.

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This can also be a good opportunity to specify your rules on time-wasters. You should make sure they know that eBay bids/purchases cannot be retracted (except for a couple of exceptions) and that they should pay within a certain amount of time (7 days minimum) and that if they don’t read listings then you can’t be held responsible for their stupidity.

Obnoxious people are – thankfully – quite rare to come across on here, but they most certainly exist. Try to give reach agreements that suit the both of you. Good ommunication is the key to eBay. Being patronising, rude or ignorant isn’t any fun for anyone. Sometimes you will make mistakes and have to admit to them, sometimes buyers make mistakes and they have to live with it too.

However, setting out to confuse or misinform a buyer will almost certainly land you in deep doo-doo. If you find yourself at the buying end of such a transaction, you should contact the seller, wait for a response (I would usually specify that they have ten days to reply) and try to work it out. The next step is reporting to eBay. You just click on ‘help’, then (on the left) ‘contact us’ and follow the prompts. If you are a dishonest seller, then shame on you. You may be able to hide your feedback, but that would put me off. Private users obviously have something to hide. I would recommend showing your feedback – even if it isn’t quite perfect. We’re not idiots – we can tell that some negs aren’t your fault and will judge for ourselves whether we trust you or not.  As far as feedback is concerned, there are a few things you should know.

I would highly recommend reading eBay’s rules and advice on feedback. There are a few pages on different aspects, but it pays to be “in the know". My number one rule for selling is that I won’t leave feedback first. The reason is that I know I don’t leave negatives (well, I wouldn’t unless all other options are exhausted), but you can’t always count on other people to be so fair. If they leave me a neg, I will neg them back and then get it withdrawn. This may sound a little underhand, but I am an honest seller and people can’t all be pleased all of them time. If you get a negative or a neutral, ask the buyer what went wrong and try to fix it. Then apply to withdraw feedback. This will leave the comment, but take the rating away from it.

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