The Parts of a Book

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Most book sellers on eBay are pretty good and don't try to confuse with technical terms. However occasionally the seller may either forget or be faced with a situation where the technical name is all that will do the job.

I'm not going to attempt to name every part of a book, some names are obscure enough to confound the most dedicated bibliophile.

Lets just concentrate onnthe parts that you are most likely to come across.

If we start by picking up our hard back book, the first part we see is the dust jacket or dust wrapper, often abreviated to DJ or DW, doesn't matter which is used it means the same. If we start by opening the book and looking at the inner flap of the DW we will often see a price printed in the bottom corner, just as often this price will have been cut off or clipped, giving us 'price clipped' or 'not price clipped'. While we have the book in this position let's just look at the edge of the DW, it will probably be showing signs of wear, this is 'rubbed' and if we look at the other edges and they have small pieces missing, these are 'chips'.

To be continued





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