The Paypal Chargeback Scam

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I recently sold a phone on eBay for £420. The ohone was worth this much so I accepted the payment via paypal and sent the item via Special Delivery. The seller had all the relevant ffedback confirmed addresses etc. After a few days I get an email from paypal claiming a chargeback against my account and £-420 in my account ( a negative balance ) and another charge for administration £8. Then I was asked to send proof of delivery so I faxed a copy of the receipt to paypal who told me they had recieved it. I thought that shouls sort it and ill get my money back, but I have just recieved an email telling me that the claim has been decided in his favour but his bank favoured him disregarding my evidence. So I am recieveing threats from paypal that if i dont restore my blance to a positive they will send debt collectors and transfer me to a collection agency. Paypal dont like sellers and beware and just dont use PAYPAL.


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