The Pentium 3 Mobile Laptop blagg (1.33ghz Vs 1.0ghz)

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We have noticed quite a few of our box shifting competitors over pricing their 1.0ghz Pentium 3 Mobile laptops and backing it up with what can only be described with as a bare faced lie.

Those sellers will list up their 1ghz Pentium 3 laptops as 1.33ghz and try and justify it with the following comment

"133mhz front side bus and 133mhz memory so runs the same as a 1.33ghz"

The truth of the matter is, ALL 1ghz+ Pentium 3 laptops from the major manufacturers will use exactly the same technology of 133mhz front side bus and memory access, therefore their laptop's are still 33% slower than a REAL 1.2/1.3ghz Pentium 3 laptop. Please do not be taken in by this kind of lie, sellers who have to rely on these kind of lies are not worth a second of your time or a penny of your hard earned money, if you want to purchase a 1.3ghz laptop make sure it is from someone who isn't conning you with a laptop 33% slower than what you paid for with technical bullcrap to blind you. A real expert would tell you that there are even some Pentium 3 based laptops that use a 266mhz front side bus/ 266mhz memory and USB 2.0 connectivity but we here at the Laptops Shop UK wouldn't dream of listing these up as 2.6ghz Pentium 3 laptops! Ofcourse these box shifting competitors wouldn't know what make this laptop is let alone which specific model.


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