The Perfect Sale

Like if this guide is helpful
When i decide on what i want to buy , i will do my search looking for the closest item. This will then keep your postage costs down, you can collect which is then free minus a couple of petrol miles or a bus fair.
I also try miss-spelling the item as unforyunatly not every one is fantastic at spelling and will list things wrongly.
I then look at the persons feedback score, only over the last few weeks / month just to see how many posative, neutral or negative feedback they have recieved. Also helps to read some of the comments as some people leave anegative / neutral just for fun.

I would then look at how long the item has left to go , i would then add it to my watch list so i can keep an eye on the bidding. If it only has a short time before it finishes i would keep watching and refreshing the bid history so that at the last seconds i can put my max bid in. Hopefully this works and you win the item, it always has for me.

Dont leave any feedback until the item has been recieved in your hand, if your collecting in person Dont go alone and if you do always give someone the address of where your going and roughly how long you will be! Safety is paramount these days.

If you need to contact the seller always do it through ebay messaging, not through personal emails or phonecalls/ texts. If something goes wrong you are completly covered by ebay then.

Finaly never ever ask a seller to sell to you privatly as this is against ebay rules and you will find yourselfs being banned.
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