The Professional's Guide to Buying Restaurant Supplies

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The Professionals Guide to Buying Restaurant Supplies

Whether you are looking to open a restaurant or you already have one that needs an upgrade, having adequate kitchen equipment and supplies is essential for the business to flourish. To make a wise investment, consider the capacity of the restaurant and the equipment you need. From commercial ovens and restaurant dishes to dining tables and dishwashers, there are multiple things to take into account when shopping for kitchen equipment .

Consider Restaurant's Capacity Before Choosing Supplies

The equipment you need may differ from one restaurant to another, but in all cases, you must consider the capacity of the establishment. Before making a purchase, you should not only consider the existing capacity of the restaurant, but also your future plans of expanding it. When doing so, make sure you can support your forecast with the actual sales.


Restaurant Cooking Equipment and Supplies

The rule of thumb when buying cooking supplies and equipment for a restaurant is to go for commercial-grade appliances. Some of the essential types of cooking supplies for any restaurant include ranges, microwaves, ovens, charbroilers, prep tables, freezers and walk-in coolers. For ranges, you can opt for gas and electric models. Microwaves are available in several varieties as well, including heavy-duty and steam models.


Restaurant Refrigeration Supplies

High-quality refrigeration systems are essential for any restaurant. The size of the restaurant and the type of food served are two essential factors to consider. Some of the most common types of restaurant refrigeration options include walk-in coolers ,refrigeration cabinets and ice machines. When shopping for freezers and coolers, consider their capacity and their energy efficiency as well.

Restaurant Dishwashing Equipment

It goes without saying that any restaurant should have sparkling clean dishes and glasses. Commercial-grade dishwashers can wash hundreds of items an hour. Different models are available and you can choose from high-temperature sanitising dishwashers or low-temperature washers. Other supplies that a restaurant needs include commercial-grade detergent and dish and glass racks.


Additional Restaurant Equipment

Food preparation involves a large number of supplies and you should consider the type of cooking you intend to offer in your restaurant. For example, an Italian restaurant may need a pasta maker and pasta cooker, whereas one that specialises in steaks could benefit from a high-quality charbroiler. Restaurants that offer a large selection of desserts and baked goods may need special equipment for preparing dough as well as a commercial-grade ice-cream maker. Pizza places will need special ovens, whereas restaurants with a Chinese specific may need professional rice cookers and woks.

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