The Queen starring Helen Mirren

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The film of The Queen is well worth watching. Directed by Stephen Frears and written by Peter Morgan. The title role is brilliantly and convincingly played by Helen Mirren. Excellent performances by James Cromwell as Prince Philip,  Alex Jennings as Prince Charles and Sylvia Simms as The Queen Mother. Tony Blair is played by Michael Sheen who captures this character to the extreme.  The story covers the tragic death of Diana the Princess of Wales. We see how the Royals react to the news and how Mr Blair is instigative in getting the Queen to actively acknowledge the news by returning to London to face the public. A real insight into this sad affair and also into the decadent life lived by the royals. In some cases so far removed from reality as we the public see it. It also portrays the relationship between The Queen and Mr Blair as somewhat tetchy. It is clear in this adaptation that Mr Blair is not popular with the monarch.  Every minute of this film is filled with 'dont want to miss' drama. Winning at the Oscars was never in doubt.
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