The Rare 2008 20p Know Whats Rare

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Ok lets put this problem to right as so many sellers are looking in there change and noticing that there is no date on the Reverse and then listing as rare

The ONLY 20p coin that is dateless is the new issue

Google dateless 20p and look at images ( i tried to link here but that was against ebay rules )

When you read about no date on the front of a coin many people think the front is the picture side and the back is the head side in fact its the other way around the Queens Head is always the Front of any coin and the picture is known as the reverse

And this is where confusion comes into it as many people are looking on the picture side and not seeing a date and listing there common 20p as rare there is no date on the picture side on the New 20p and the rare one also has NO DATE on the Queens Head side

So before you BUY make sure you have asked the seller if the date does no appear on BOTH sides

And if your a SELLER check that you coin is the new issue and that the date is not on Both sides

I hope this clears up the confusion


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