The Real Truth About Making Money From E-Books On Ebay

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Ebay--can You really make money from selling e-books-here's the truth

 Yes Here's How, If You Follow This Simple Step By Step Formula, what every newbie to ebay should read before they start their own business

When faced with selling anything on the internet you need to understand this one crucial important bit of imformation, from day one you need to be building your own list of customers who you can contact again and again regardless of your subject matter, the product or service that your selling.

Forget what anyone else has told you about building a business on the internet or Ebay , if they have told you different , then they do not know what they ae doing or they are mis-leading you.

Forget searching for the quick get you rich scheme, l promise you that however enticing they seem or exciting they are when you read their salesletters, they do not work! they will not make you any real money.

So if your still reading this, your already ahead of 9o% of the people on the internet, stay with me and l will explain clearly what you have to do to start your business and become successful.

The next most important bit of information on the internet and Ebay is quite simple, all you have to remember is that it's all based upon one thing and one thing only. KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS KEYWORDS.

Di you get that? Please get it drummied into your head now, today and don't ever depart from these two little bits of information, keywords and building your own lists of targeted customers.

Unlike a lot of the other guides l am not trying to sell you anything at all , in fact on my own site which can't be linked in this guide l show people how to build their opt-in lists with my now popular opt-in-listbuilder method as in all of the search engines.

How do you build your opt-in-lists using Ebay.

If you go to the business sections in the categories you'll find all of the adverts/listings for business opportunities and e-books, a quick flick through the listings will soon show you that their hundreds of listings of e-books from 01 penny or cent to 49 pennies or cents and you'll think how can they make money at those prices? the answer is they don't straight away but long term they can make as much money from them as they wish once they get them onto their own opt-in-lists.

Most of the people who purchase these very cheap e-books are indifferent to the quality of the e-books as they know it's a very cheap way to build up their feedback rankings so that they can also become a successful seller on ebay so they are happy to purchase and give a good feedback at the same time.

What happens eventually is when enough of these people have got onto your lists as a customer , you are free to offer them as many products as you wish in your own private ezine or newsletter, that's why they sell cheaply to start with so that they make money on the backend with a much higher priced product. simple but very very effective.

Keywords are important because that's how people search for the products or services that they want on the internet and EBay, so you need to iclude the correct keywords to ensure that your listings come up when people search for them.

I hope that this short guide has helped you some, thanks  My Ebay Id PeterNichollsOnline



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