The Superbears of Bad Taste Bears

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Some people know it, some people dont, there are super bears out there, and they are real! ;-)

This is a quick spot check for those who want to find the illusive superbears of Bad Taste Bear figurines.

So here we go:

Out of the collection, the first lot of bears were created out of plaster, they were later replaced by resin counterparts. The older ones ar now referred to as Superbears. They are rarer, look different, and worth a lot more.

The bears that make the superbears are Pete, Headley, Ringo, Sean, Huey, Nick, Jock and Willy, the first 8 bears in the collection.

The way to find out if they superbears or not is through the identifying features that differentiate these rare ones from the resin ones. They are as follows:

Superbears look more cartoonier to their resin counterparts, their bodies are chunkier, their features are more cartoony and their noses are fatter.

As they are of plaster, they are heavier in wieght than the resin bears and sometimes have a slightly different colour hue to the resin bears. This can be more noticable with Huey, as he can look very orange compared to the resin Huey...

The best feature to look out for is the stamps, the resin counterparts have 5stamps on their leg/bum, but the Superbears have only 4...I hasten to add this does not include the number of the bear, it is the group of stamps on the opposite side of the number stamp I am refering to.

This is just a generalisation of the Superbears, when looking at specific bears (i.e. Ringo and Superbear Ringo) there are further differences, but the most identifying feature is the 4 stamps. I've found the hardest to differentiate to resin bears are Willy and Nick, Willy has some early editions that can look chunkier to the later versions and Nick just looks chunky in appearance as it is in photos. If in doubt always ask how many stamps there are, it'll avoid dissapointment.

As for value of bears, superbear Sean goes for the most, up to £150, with superbear Willy usually being the hardest to find. As they are made of plaster, watch out for chips and damage, it does devalue them a little bit. The same goes for boxes, as they were early bears, many of the boxes go missing over time, so bear that in mind when bidding. Superbears go for anything between £70 - £160 depending on which bear it is, if it is with its box and the damage it has incurred.

Happy hunting! 


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