The Top 5 Reasons Why Rabbits Make Great Pets

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Looking for an animal friend or your family? Snakes too slithery? Spiders too scary? Fish too tank bound? Cats, Dogs and Birds just not what you are looking for? I hope you will consider the Top 5 Reasons Rabbits Make Great Pets becuase you might just be ready for a rabbit!!!!

Number 1:No barking, hissing or squawking.

Rabbits are very quiet animals. You will here gentle clicking of teeth when bun is happy and a low grunt when bun is irritated, But that aside rabbits are virtually noisless pets. There are however many different bunny body language signs that let you know how bunny is and even what bunny wants. For example if bun bows his/her head down and lies low to the ground, chances are that bunny is pressenting and wants to be stroked.

Number 2:Bunnies can be very affectionate and personable.

Just like their owners, when treated with care & respect most bunnies show their love in clear ways. A happy bunny will give you soft licks akin to kisses. They will also indicate when they are angry or feel threatened. You will soon get to understand your bunny and be able to "talk" to them. Of course all bunnies have their own personality and before choosing a rabbit you should research breed temprements and if possible spend time with bun and his/her parents. Once home a close bond can be developed between bun and your family members by providing plenty of social time. Rabbits need at least2-3 hours per day of social time, especially at those peak times of activity.

Number 3:Rabbits are Eco-Friendly.

Rabbits are a great compliment to a sustainable lifestile. Probably the most fun you can have with a shredder, just give bun your cardboard tubes, paper and old phone books and whatch them disapear. Add Buns Litter and wast to the compost heap and share the abudance of your garden or purchased produce with them. There are many diet choices you can make for your new rabbit, however it is vital that you feed them plenty of fresh hays, green vegetables and quality pellets as well.

Number 4:Rabbits are great companions for your other pets.

Contrary to what you might think, with carfull training and gradual introductions, your new pet will soon be buddies with all your other pets. If you take a slow, gradual and consistent  aproch you will be amazed at how well all the family get on with bun.

Number 5: Bunnies are just plain fun!!!!

You won't belive how playful and personal your rabbit is. Especially during their most active hours early in the morning and early in the evening. You will find some of the best entertainment a pet can offer watching bun racing and leaping about. I promise you will stop watching the telly when bun is happy! Yes providing the poper care can be a lot of work and before you decide to get any pet you should consider carfully the responsibilites., but trust me one ticklish lick from a well loved, nose twitching bunny rabbit and iam sure you'll agree that a rabbit is just about the best pet you've ever shared your life with!!

If you do decide that a bunny is for you please look at our other guides. You might also want to take a look at our shop. You will find great items for you and bun.

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