The U.S. $1 Morgan coin

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The Morgan dollar was a United States silver $1 coin minted from 1878 to 1904, and then again in 1921. The coin is named after its designer, United States Mint Assistant Engraver George T. Morgan.

Ultimately five U.S. mints were engaged in striking varying quantities of the coin each year, eventually totalling  656,930,590 pieces.  All five mints used the same design and the only distinguishing  feature between their coins is a small mint mark beneath the wreath on the reverse of the coin.
  • CC - carson City
  •  S - San Francisco
  •  O -New Orleans
  •  D -Denver
  • No mark – Philadelphia
The coin measured 38.1 millimeter in diameter (1.5 in.) and weighed 26.73 grams.   It was made of ninety percent silver and ten percent copper.

The following is a list of the smallest number (less than 1 million) Morgans minted by year and mint:

1879-CC   756,000
1880-CC   591,000
1881-CC   296,000
1885-CC   228,000
1886-S        50,000
1888-S     657,000
1889-CC   350,000
1893         378,000
1893-CC  677,000
1893-O    300,000
1893-S    100,000 (Rare in all grades.)
1894        110,000
1895          12,000  (None of the circulation strikes has ever been seen...experts believe     they were all melted down.)
1895- CC  228,000
1895-O      450,000
1895-S       400,000
1899           330,000

However, it is worth noting that even this limited-mintage selection of 'low mintage' issues adds up to over 7,000,000 coins out of the  656,930,590 pieces struck.

It is perhaps worth noting also that the total number of British crown coins placed into circulations between 1818 and 1919 (0.925 silver purity) was just   8,950,776
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