The Ultimate Guide to Buying Mens Boots on eBay

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Men's Boots on eBay

There are quite a few types of men’s boots available, and each is suited to a particular use and/or style. All boots are unique from other types of footwear in that they provide a measure of protection to the feet and ankles that cannot be found in any other type of shoe.The first thing to consider when preparing to go shopping for boots is what they will be used for. One should also have a good grasp of the vocabulary associated with men’s boots. eBay has become a bustling marketplace for the buying and selling of high quality men’s boots. From the types of boots themselves, to the accessories that go along with them, it’s important to get at least a basic understanding of men’s boot terminology. The guide below reviews the types of men’s boots, accessories as well as how to find and buy men’s boots.

Types of Men’s Boots

The following is a fairly comprehensive listing of the types of boots available for men to purchase, along with some pertinent information regarding each.

Work Boots

Work boots are generally designed to be tough and durable. There are a lot of different types of work boots, and many are geared toward a particular use. Steel-toed boots are a type of work boot that features a steel insert in the toe area. This is meant to be worn by those working with heavy equipment and serve to protect the toes from being crushed if something is dropped on them.

Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are rugged and often water resistant. They are characterised by having tread design that allows for maximum traction. Hiking boots tend to have more support in the ankle than many other styles so that the wearer will be able to stay comfortable after hours of trekking over rugged terrain.

Wellington Boots

Wellingtons are sometimes called galoshes or rain boots, and are typically made from rubber. They have an inner liner to keep the foot warm and typically sit above the knee. Galoshes serve to protect the feet from water.

Snow Boots

Snow boots, like rain boots, have a protective outer shell along with an inner liner. Snow boot liners are typically thicker and able to withstand colder temperatures than rain boot liners. Snow boots have thick soles, designed to provide maximum traction in snow and ice. Snow boots are sometimes referred to as “winter boots.”

Ski and Snowboard Boots

Ski boots and snowboard boots are very specialised in their form and function. Each is designed to provide maximum safety and stability to their wearer while he is riding or skiing. Both come with specific design features that allow them to interlock with the skis or board they will be used with.

Western Boots

Western style boots, also known commonly as cowboy boots, were originally designed to help the wearer keep his or her boots in the stirrups when they rode a horse. This is why they have a thick, raised heel. Today, western boots are incredibly popular across many demographics for utility, fashion, and sometimes both. Usually made from leather, classic western boots come up high on the leg and have soles that are smooth and hard.

Combat Boots

Combat boots are lace-up boots, usually made of leather or another durable material, and characterised by having thick rubber soles with deeply-grooved patterns for improved traction. They ride at mid-calf or below and are also commonly called army boots or military boots.

Dress Boots

Dress boots tend to have a hard, shiny surfaced so that they can be polished to maintain a smooth, clean look. They also tend to have hard soles and are typically chosen more for style than utility.

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots (also called biker boots or riding boots) are engineered to provide comfort, protection, and function for a motorcycle rider. There are a few different types of motorcycle boots designed for different types of riding. The following table briefly outlines the different types of riding boots available.

Type of Riding Boot



Touring boots are hard-soled soft boots that are designed for the average rider. They do not have specialised features for particular sports or circumstances. Touring boots make an all-around comfortable and functional boot for the street rider.


Motocross boots are incredibly tough, made to withstand the harsh elements that motocross riders expose their bodies to on a regular basis. Motocross boots are equipped with several adjustable straps that can be locked in place to create optimal fit. This kind of boot is extremely rigid in the ankle and features deep padding inside for comfort.


Racing boots are made of hard, durable material. This is to protect the rider’s feet from being injured when leaning into turns since this often entails having their boots scrape against the asphalt at a very high rate of speed.


Engineer boots are tall, black, and made of leather. They have two straps with buckles for adjusting the tightness of the boot. One strap is located high on the shaft of the boot; the other runs across the top of the ankle.


Harness boots are similar to engineer boots in that they are always dark-coloured, typically made of leather, and ride fairly high on the calf. They are characterised by the signature ring-shaped buckle and strap that stretches across the top of the ankle.

There are many different types of boots to choose from as one can see. The style and type really depends on the personality and tastes of the wearer. The above chart just helps to provide an idea of what types and styles are available.

Accessories for Men’s Boots

There are several accessory items that are often purchased at the same time as the boots themselves. Some are integral and others are optional, but knowing what extras might be needed ahead of time can save frustration later. Some sellers on eBay even offer bundled packages that include the main item along with some useful accessory items. Spending a bit more money for a few additional products can pay off in the long run since well-maintained boots will look and perform better for longer.


Anytime a new pair of shoes is purchased, it’s a good idea to pick up some socks to go along with them. Since boots are often worn in cold weather or in more rugged conditions, thick socks that are moisture-resistant are usually best.


It’s also prudent to purchase an extra set of laces. That way, if the pair that comes with the boots gets damaged, dirty, or wet there is an extra set to use. Some people like to have a couple of different types or colours of laces so that they can switch them out depending on the occasion or task at hand.


Smooth surfaced boots often need to be polished to stay looking their best. Polish can be bought on its own or as part of an overall care set along with conditioners and other products designed to beautify and preserve.


To prolong the life of a pair of boots and enhance its ability to keep out water, they can be treated with protectant products. Usually in the form of a spray, protective treatments can dramatically improve the performance and longevity of the boot.

Ice Cleats

Ice cleats, also known as traction cleats, are rubber devices that fit over the bottom of most types of shoes. They are equipped with spiked cleats that serve to keep the wearer from slipping on ice. Ice cleats are a very sensible item to have on hand for those who live in colder climates

Orthotic Inserts

Inserts can be purchased to fit any size or type of boot. Some are used as a cushion for the foot to improve comfort or to reduce pain and discomfort from a podiatric condition. More specialised orthotic shoe inserts are designed to correct issues with the bones of the feet or legs.

Odour Control Products

Since boots are often worn in conditions under which feet are more likely to sweat, and usually don’t offer much breathability, it is usually prudent to use some sort of odour control product. There are powders, sprays, and even odour-controlling inserts that can be utilised to keep shoes smelling fresh and clean.

How to Buy Men’s Boots on eBay

There is a vast selection of men’s boots on eBay. By searching through a variety of sellers, shoppers have access to many more choices than they would going through brick-and-mortar shops. The convenience of using eBay make the site very popular among busy people. eBay sellers are always open for business; purchases can be made at any time of day or night.

Since there are thousands upon thousands of men’s boots available for sale on eBay, it’s imperative to narrow things down a bit by using the site’s search feature. By entering basic descriptive terms into the search bar located on every page, several non-relevant search results can be eliminated. Men’s boots can be searched by brand, style, size, and more.

Buying on eBay is secured, and buyers can use their credit cards or a PayPal account to make purchases from any seller on the site. Shoppers have ample resources available on the site to help them to be confident in their purchase and in the seller. Information is listed on each seller’s profile, outlining their history with the site. This includes data about how many items the person has sold on the site, as well as feedback from their customers. The closer the seller is to the buyer, the lower the shipping cost is likely to be.


Before setting out to purchase new boots, care should be taken to make sure there is an understanding of the different types available and the purposes they serve. One should decide beforehand what kinds of accessory items he may need to enjoy and care for his boots. Finding quality boots that are comfortable and suited for the wearer’s purposes is easy using eBay, and many shoppers prefer the convenience and variety to that of physical shops.

Finding the right fit for men’s boots involves a careful measuring of the foot at the right time of day and with the right accessories, such as socks and insoles. Once a measurement is taken, the proper size of men’s boot can be found, which may be different than the regular shoe size worn by the user. The right pair of men’s boots should be able to endure tough conditions and protect the feet.

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