The Ultimate Guide to Buying Womens Jumpers

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Women's Jumpers

The jumper is a staple in women's winter wardrobes, offering both snugness and style, being both practical and looking good. A jumper is, typically, a warm woollen garment that has no opening at the front. Most women probably wore jumpers first in primary school, but the style has evolved so that it is part of every fashion-conscious woman's wardrobe. Jumpers can be worn alone or as the topmost layer during the winter. Jumpers also fit snugly under a coat. However, not all jumpers are made of wool and women can wear light cotton jumpers on chilly summer evenings as well.

As the jumper is mainly associated with the winter, it can be difficult to find one in the warmer months when the high street shops are filled with flowery dresses and bikinis. So, shopping for women's jumpers from online auction sites, such as eBay, allows women to find jumpers of different styles, colours, and materials all year round.

Types of Wool

Jumpers can be made of a variety of materials, with the thickness of the fabric largely determining the season when the jumper can be worn. Traditionally, jumpers were made of wool. Fishermen's wives knitted them to be worn during long hours at sea. Wool was used because it repels water and keeps the wearer warm even when wet. Today, several types of wool are used. These include mohair, alpaca, merino, shetland, cashmere, and lambswool.


Mohair, also known as angora, comes from the Angora goat. Mohair jumpers are soft and silky and one of the warmest jumpers as well. The mohair used for knitting jumpers generally comes from young goats. As such, the fibres do not tend to become matted together and the jumper does not shrink with washing. Mohair is also very elastic, and so restores its shape easily after being stretched and wrinkled. Mohair holds vibrant colours well and resists fading. Thanks to its moisture absorbent qualities, mohair jumpers are comfortable in any weather.


Alpaca comes from a ruminant from South America that is related to the llama. The fleece from the alpaca is long, silky, and soft. As alpaca naturally comes in black, reddish brown, and shades of grey, there is no need to dye the fleece, and this results in a more natural material. The alpaca fibre is neither allergenic nor itchy and can be worn by women who have sensitive skin.


Merino wool is made of the fleece of the merino sheep and originates from Spain. This type of wool is known for its fineness as well as its strength, elasticity, and softness. Merino wool is receptive to dyes and vibrant colours stay in it for a long time.


Shetland wool comes from sheep living on the Shetland islands, off the coast of Scotland. Shetland wool jumpers are durable, warm, soft, and fine. This wool comes in many colours, including white, black, and shades of grey and brown.


Cashmere is a very fine and lightweight wool found at the roots of the hair of the Kashmir goat that lives in Nepal, Pakistan, and Tibet. The goats are combed about once a year, rather than having the fleece removed as with sheep. As cashmere is harder to collect and available in relatively small quantities, it is more expensive than other types of wool. Cashmere jumpers have a luxurious look and feel, although cashmere is weaker than other wool fibres. Still, cashmere is resilient and receptive to dyes, offering vibrant colours for many years.


Lambswool comes from the fleece of young sheep and it is used for fine and soft jumpers that are also durable and elastic.

Alternatives to Wool

As some materials can be itchy if worn close to the skin, the choice of material also depends on the wearer's level of sensitivity. If the wearer has sensitive skin then natural fibres, like cotton, are a good option. All the fibres used to make jumpers influence how the jumper should be cared for and women should read the care label for specific instructions.


While wool is best for cold weather, cotton is suitable all year round because of its breathability. Cotton derives from the fibres around the seeds of the cotton plant. It can be dyed easily and therefore is available in many vibrant colours. Cotton jumpers are easy to care for because most are machine washable.

Blended Fabrics

Sometimes, nylon, silk, and other fibres are blended with the wool or cotton in order to add elasticity and softness to the jumper.

Styles of Jumper

Jumpers are typically of the pullover style, and as such, do not have front fastenings, such as zips or buttons to give them character. Instead they have variations in the style of collarless neckline, which can be the classic round, the feminine V-neck or the ultra-warm polo neck. Polo neck jumpers hug the neck, and can act almost like a scarf. Although jumpers usually have sleeves, they also come as tank tops, the sleeveless jumper style.

Round Neck Jumpers

The round neck jumper is probably the most classic look and is suitable for casual everyday wear and even for a day in the office. Women can spice up their round neck jumpers with elaborate necklaces that can transform casual jumpers into simple outfits for the evening.

V-neck Jumpers

Women's V-neck jumpers have deep and wide Vs when compared to similar men's models. As they draw attention to the bust, they are considered feminine and sexy. When worn during winter, V-neck jumpers should be accompanied by a scarf, especially outdoors because they leave the neck and top of the chest bare.

Polo Neck Jumpers

Polo necks have a tube of fabric that hugs the neck tightly and offers warmth. The neck extension can either be short or up to 8 inches. Longer polo necks can be folded down around the neck. Polo neck jumpers are elegant, especially when paired with long necklaces.

Tank Tops

Women's tank tops are sleeveless and can be worn either on their own or on top of stylish shirts. They are useful, especially during the winter, as they add a layer of warmth over the chest and back, while allowing a classy shirt to show underneath. Tank tops usually have feminine V-necks.

Finding the Right Jumper Size

Jumpers made in countries other than the UK usually use different sizing principles that can confuse the buyer. US sizes can be particularly misleading because they use a similar even number system to the UK, but the sizes do not agree with each other. For example, the US size 6 does not correspond to the UK size 6. The US 6 is size 10 in the UK. The following chart converts the clothing sizes.




























Manufacturer's sizes are not standardised, so a size 10 from one manufacturer may be different from a size 10 from another. When buying a jumper online, or when there is no chance of trying it on first, it is wise to determine the sizing region and manufacturer for the jumper, which should be marked on the label.

Buying Women's Jumpers From eBay

When you decide to buy a jumper from eBay, you can start by searching for the keywords that interest you. For instance, for a general search, type in "women's jumper" on the main page. Then you can browse through thousands of results. To narrow down your choices, you can then sort the results by price or the auction time. You could also word your search more specifically, looking for the style, material, or colour you prefer.

Contact the Seller

Besides knowing and researching the seller by reading the feedback, you should also contact the seller before you make the purchase to find out about the specific size of the jumper, especially if it is more expensive, like a cashmere jumper. Sometimes, the seller will offer to exchange or refund the purchase if it is not a perfect fit. If you are lucky, you may even find a local seller. In this case, the delivery costs may be less and there may be chance to pick up your stylish jumper in person.


Historically, jumpers were used to keep fishermen warm, but today they have become classic pieces in every woman's wardrobe. They are both casual and elegant, depending on which kind of accessories they are paired with. Women's jumpers are usually made of wool, such as merino, alpaca, or lambswool, but there are also cotton jumpers that are suitable for warmer days. The styles range from the classic round neck, V-neck and polo neck. Sleeveless jumpers are also available and are usually paired with shirts to create a stylish look that can be worn at work.

With many sizing variations available around the world, it is always wise to identify where the jumper was manufactured in order to know which size guide is used. This is especially true for jumpers bought online. When in touch with the seller, buying a jumper from eBay is easy. eBay is a great place to find jumpers that are always available to buy no matter what the weather is outside. Brands such as Jack Wills, French ConnectionBurberry and Pringle all sell high-quality jumpers in a range of styles and shapes. 

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