The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Golf Shirt

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Golf Shirt

What is a Golf Shirt

In the 1930s René Lacoste, the French Tennis champion, designed and produced a new, less restricting style of tennis shirt that resembles a modern day ‘Polo’ shirt. Gradually adopted by golf professionals, the Polo shirt became so popular with golfers after the Second World War that today many golf clubs actually specify this style in their dress codes. Finally, the arrival of golf as a sport on television in the 1960s and ‘70s featuring Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, Jacklin and Trevino firmly established the flamboyant colours and essential style of the golf shirt.

Modern Development

There is considerable contrast between the early golf professionals, in full Victorian attire carrying an armful of hickory shafted clubs, with their sleek modern counterparts in high tech golf shirts made out of stretchy Elastane combined into a breathable dry fabric for their comfort.

Since the 1960s, when shirts were available in many colours but usually one plain colour per shirt, designers have run wild so that the modern designer golf shirt can come in any format from plain to any combination of colours, patterns, horizontal and vertical stripes – designs are limited only by the imagination of the designers.

Golf Club Dress Code

Some golf clubs are more conservative than others and it can be worth matching your choice of shirt to the type of club where you are playing. Some types of shirt are not acceptable at most golf clubs:

Styles Acceptable at Most Golf Clubs

Not Acceptable at Most Golf Clubs

Short Sleeve Polo

Vest style Shirts

Long Sleeved Polo

Sleeveless Shirts

Roll Neck Shirts

T- Shirts

Turtle Neck Shirts

Collarless Shirts

Wind Shirts

V –Neck Shirts

Acceptable Styles of Golf Shirt

Typically made in cotton, polyester, polyester/cotton or mercerised cotton a standard golf shirt has short sleeves, collar and three to four buttons. However, fabric technology and performance sportswear have developed new high tech shirts available to the ordinary golfer.

  • Short Sleeved Golf Shirts/ Long Sleeved Golf Shirts

    Ideal for the warmer weather between Spring and early Autumn, this style of shirt offers the maximum freedom of movement and comfort. Manufacturers are now offering these styles with fabric technology that wicks away sweat so that the golfer feels dry on even the hottest day. Mizuno now offer a combination of DryLite technology to keep the golfer dry, but also their Warmalite insulated fibre shirt to keep the player warm

  • Long Sleeved Roll Neck Shirts and Turtle Neck Shirts

    Usually worn under a golf jumper or jacket, these types of shirt are for those wintry days when the wind and rain are cold. They keep the neck, torso and arms warm while giving the golfer the flexibility to play the game – and further flexibility to remove a layer of clothing if the weather changes and it starts to get too warm

  • Compression Shirts

    Like a second skin, this type of under shirt provides heat and muscle support to aid muscle recovery. Warm, comfortable and flexible in the coldest of weather, it conserves heat and removes sweat.

  • Wind Shirts

Long sleeved or short sleeved wind shirts are generally made in wind and rain proof breathable polyester and designed to be worn over another shirt. This type of foul weather option is for the golfer whose game is badly affected by wearing a full waterproof jacket.

Men and Women

There is little or no difference generally between the styles of golf shirt available to men and women. The essential Polo style is offered in a more flattering cut for women and in a range of colours that embraces more pastels than are available in men’s golf shirts. Having said that, Ian Poulter and many of the younger professionals on tour, are wearing shades of pink and powder blue that might normally only be seen around the clubhouse on Ladies Day. It would appear that future fashions are trending together.

The Golf shirt/Polo shirt has become a standard style of casual dress outside the workplace and even an acceptable form of dress at work eg Pubs, Restaurants and shops. The popularity of golf, the growth of corporate golf days and client gifts mean that there cannot be a serious golfer in the country without one or more free golf shirts with some or other company logo on it.

Buying a Golf Shirt on eBay

A proper golf shirt requires a more specific search and that is where eBay comes in. Rather than searching all over town for a needle in a haystack, eBay brings together in one place online a vast range of designer golf wear and thousands of golf shirts

If you are serious about style and how you look and feel on the golf course, it pays to pick the best in golf specific brands and eBay is the place to find them. Feeling good about how you look can even lead to more relaxed, confident and ultimately successful play. To buy these brands at the best prices is simple. Select the chosen brand or brands from the table below and search for them on eBay adding in a keyword from the Acceptable Styles Table eg Callaway Short Sleeved Windshirt or Nike Short Sleeved Polo. It’s also worth including a size in the search to save scrolling through sellers offering sizes that won’t fit you. Most offer a full range from Small to XXXL. While many sellers will have a variety of colours available across the different manufacturers and styles, it is worth leaving colour to review unless you have a very specific requirement.

Manyfacturers Producing Specific Branded Golf Shirts

  • Adidas
  • Ashworth
  • Callaway
  • Calvin Klein
  • Cutter & Buck
  • Glenmuir
  • Galvin Green
  • Green Lamb
  • Lija
  • Lyle & Scott
  • Nike
  • Oakley
  • Oscar Jacobsen
  • Ping
  • Puma
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Stromberg
  • Taylor Made

The search is likely to produce a wide range of new items in the original packaging, items that are in ‘as new’ condition being second hand but unused (sometimes without the original packaging) and items that are second hand and used but in excellent condition.

The sellers may be anything from private individuals to businesses selling surplus stock. Some sellers are even able to supply golf shirts in bulk that can be personalised with a company logo to be used as gifts for a corporate golf day.

Although there are many potential outlets for buying golf shirts, it makes sense to regularly check eBay for the best range of quality brands at the best prices anywhere today.

eBay Payment and Search Options When Buying a Golf shirt

eBay offers a wide variety of brands, styles, prices and choices of golf shirts including new and used. The advantage of buying on eBay is the range of prices from a used golf shirt (which may have been outgrown or no longer required) to new golf shirt options. There are flexible payment and delivery options on eBay that are available to help with your purchase.

To search for golf shirts, visit the Sporting Goods portal. Alternatively you can use the search box provided to type in specific information to your golf shirt requirements as illustrated. Look at the sellers photographs and descriptions, particularly if buying second hand, to make sure there are no flaws in the shirt. Ask questions if unsure about anything and make sure to specify the correct size and colour if the options are presented. Visit the Buying Basics page for more information.

When you are comfortable with the product information you can consider how to pay for your selection and proceed to purchase. In an Auction the buyer has to place a bid in order to buy the golf shirt at auction by the date in the listing – it may take more than one bid to ensure you are the highest bidder. Use ‘Buy It Now’ if it is offered as an option and you would like to buy it immediately or to put down your ‘Best Offer’. Buying through PayPal will ensure the transaction proceeds directly between the seller and buyer. eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Programme.

The eBay Shopping Experience

Delivery and shipping of the golf shirt to you is provided by the seller.

It is recommended that you only purchase from sellers which are authorised through eBay.

Bundles are sometimes offered where the listing on eBay may include the specific main core product such as the golf shirt with incentives to maybe buy more than one or perhaps another product. It is always worth having a look at a seller’s other products for the chance to pick up another bargain and also save on postage costs.

Conclusion on Buying a Golf shirt on eBay

When choosing how to buy a golf shirt on eBay the buyer must consider their individual needs in terms of the style of shirt and any colour preferences, whether to buy a simple cotton shirt or a high tech fabric and, of course, the image and brand that they prefer. Buying the shirt on eBay will deliver a huge range of choices for you to select from in the comfort of your own home – or wherever else you may be – with the protection of PayPal and eBay.

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