The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Kia Picanto

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The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Kia Picanto

Kia Motors is the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world. With its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, the word kia means "to arise to the world from Asia" in Korean. Kia started in 1944 and is Korea's oldest car manufacturing company in the world. Kia Motors uses the slogan "the power to surprise" to market their vehicles across the world. Kia Motors manufacturers a number of different passenger vehicles, SUVs and vans, commercial vehicles, and hybrid vehicles. Included in this list is the Kia Picanto, which first arrived from the production line in 2004. The Kia Picanto was originally engineered to be an affordable city car.

The Kia Picanto is available for purchase from Kia dealerships, used car dealerships, and online at helpful websites like eBay. There are several things a consumer should know before shopping for a Kia Picanto. First, a consumer should familiarise himself with the different features of the Kia Picanto. A consumer should also decide whether he is looking to buy a new or used Kia Picanto.

Features of the Kia Picanto

There are two generations of the Kia Picanto available depending on when they were manufactured. Regardless if a buyer is looking for a new or used vehicle, he should be familiar with the features unique to each generation of cars.

First Generation Kia Picanto

The first generation line of the Kia Picanto was manufactured between 2004 and 2011. The following features are commonly found among the Kia Picantos manufactured in this time frame.

Exterior Design

The first generation Kia Picanto is available exclusively in the five-door hatchback design. By 2007, the exterior lights were redesigned to form a cluster-like shape. The first generation Kia Picantos are available in a variety of colours and are approximately 3,495 millimetres long.

Interior Design

The first generation Kia Picanto features a compact disc player, air conditioning, front and patented rear electric windows, as well as electric mirrors. The first generation Kia Picanto also has central remote locking. In 2007, the indicator stalk switched sides within the vehicle in the United Kingdom.

Engine and Efficiency

The first generation Picantos are equipped with either a 1.0 or 1.1 litre petrol engine. In Europe, buyers also have the option of a 3-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection and variable geometry turbocharger. This specific engine has the capacity to reach a power of 55 kilowatts. The first generation comes with the choice of a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.


The European New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP), which is a voluntary vehicle safety rating system backed by the European commission, several European governments, and motoring and consumer organisations in Europe, gave the Kia Picanto a three star rating for adult occupants, and a four star rating for child occupants. Five stars indicates the best overall rating and the rating is based on the vehicle's performance in a variety of safety crash tests.

Second Generation Kia Picanto

The second generation of Kia Picanto began production in 2011. There are several notable features of the second generation line of this specific model.

Exterior Design

While the Kia Picanto is only available as a five-door hatchback, the second generation Kia Picanto is also available in Europe as a three-door hatchback with distinguished doors, windows, bumpers, and front grille. Both the five-door and the three-door hatchbacks are 3,595 millimetres in length. The second generation is longer in wheelbase and overall length than its first generation counterpart.

The second generation Kia Picanto has coloured bumpers and mirrors, tinted windows, and daytime running lights. This Picanto also has speed-variable windshield wipers and a heated rear window. The second generation Kia Picanto comes in a variety of colours but comes standard in black, silver, white, and red.

Interior Design

The second generation Kia Picanto offers adjustable headrests and seats, motor driven power steering, and also offers a choice between upholstery or faux leather seats. The second generation Kia Picanto's second row has 60:40 split folding capability for more cargo space if needed. This vehicle also comes equipped with a CD player with MP3 compatibility and a standard four speaker sound system.

Engine and Efficiency

The second generation Kia Picanto comes with a choice of two different gasoline engines. Consumers can choose from either a 1.0 litre 3-cylinder engine or a 1.25 litre 4-cylinder engine. The 1.25 litre 4-cylinder engine features ecoDynamics and Kia's start-stop system. There is also a 1.0 litre gasoline/liquefied petroleum gas hybrid engine available for consumers who are looking to be more green-friendly and energy-efficient. Liquefied petroleum gas reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 35 per cent when compared with petrol. Similar to the first generation, the second generation Kia Picanto comes with either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.


The second generation has twin front, side, and curtain airbags. Additionally, this Kia Picanto has adjustable seat belts and impact sensing auto door unlocking. The NCAP gave the second generation Kia Picanto an overall four-star safety rating.

Comparison of First and Second Generation Kia Picantos

The following chart provides a quick reference guide for the key differences between the first and second generation Kia Picanto. The chart below focuses on body style, length, width, curb weight, and wheelbase.

Model Year

Body Style

Length (mm)

Height (mm)

Curb Weight (kg)

Wheelbase (mm)

First Generation

5-door hatchback





Second Generation

5-door hatchback or 3-door hatchback





While a lot of the features of the first and second generation are similar, this chart highlights the technical differences between the two generations of the Kia Picanto. This chart should be a starting point for individual consumer research.

New vs. Used Kia Picanto

For the most part, buying a new car means that everything is brand new and in top form. While some consumers might prefer this, other buyers might be interested in a more affordable option, such as a used Kia Picanto. There are a couple things to keep in mind when looking at used cars, including the Kia Picanto. One of the most important things to consider is the reputation of the seller. A consumer should make sure the seller is trustworthy and can accurately tell the consumer the car's accident history and any outstanding problems the vehicle is currently having or had in the past.

In addition, the buyer should pay attention to the year and mileage of the car. Generally, the older the car and the more mileage it has, the sooner the car is going to need considerable repairs. Consumers should pay special attention to these details to determine if a used car is actually going to save them money or if the used car is going to cost them more in maintenance and repairs down the road.

How to Buy a Kia Picanto on eBay

The Kia Picanto is a popular choice for consumers looking for a compact city car at an affordable price. Luckily, eBay has plenty of Kia Picantos available from a variety of different sellers. Perhaps you are interested in a black Kia Picanto and you want to see what is available. Simply navigate to the eBay website portal and find the keyword search box. After you type black Kia Picanto into the keyword search box and click the search button, a variety of options matching this exact description are populated for you. You can find any Kia Picanto available on eBay using this method, as well as Kia car accessories.

Purchasing a car is a considerable investment. As such, it is not something that most consumers take lightly. One of the most important factors in purchasing a reliable Kia Picanto is knowing and trusting the seller. To help with this, eBay has provided a system of identifying those sellers on eBay who offer accurate product descriptions, consistently deliver items, and charge fair postage. These sellers have been labelled as Top-rated sellers. Top-rated sellers must engage in 100 trouble-free transactions per year with a 98 per cent positive feedback rating. Purchasing a Kia Picanto from one of eBay's Top-rated sellers helps give you peace-of-mind about this considerable transaction.


The Kia Picanto has been consistently rated as one of the most reliable vehicles in the United Kingdom. The Kia Picanto is popular amongst consumers because of its compact size, city style, and affordability. After its initial introduction into the market in 2004, this model continues to reinvent itself. Today, the Kia Picanto is available in both the original 5-door hatchback, as well as a more sporty 3-door hatchback design. Additionally, the interior features of the Kia Picanto have evolved to meet consumer needs regarding style, sound, and safety.

Whether in the market for a new or used Kia Picanto, Kia continues to consistently offer practical features to the everyday buyer. While not as fancy as some luxury model compact cars, the NCAP safety test ratings make this vehicle a good choice for anyone, whether a novice on the road or an experienced driver. Consumers should do their research into the many features of both the first and second generation Kia Picanto before making a purchasing decision, to determine if this car is right for them.

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