The Ultimate Playstation 3 Game Collection

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My Guide To Quite Possible The Best Console On Earth's Games.

This will tell you all of the games you MUST own for the Playstation 3, i will give reasons why. I will tell you about games already out (27th May 2008 this was written) and ones to come.

Games you must own that are out now:

  1. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune - Strategy/Shoot 'Em Up/3rd Person Shooter - Enevitably the best game for the ps3, why? Well it is stunning, seriously, it is breath taking. The surroundings are amazing, the beautiful beachs and stunning views of the tropical island with bright greens of the bushs and tree's to the rusty browns of rusted boats and buildings. It is like discovering a forgotten island, well yeah that is the idea of the game. You are playing Nate, an explorer and desendant of Sir Francis Drake and starts off with you digging up his coffin from the bottom of the ocean, but instead of a body there is a book on how to get to his missing fortune. Along the way the story unravels into something so unexpected and so real, literally i got sucked into the plot like it was a movie (never ever happened before) and you really want... something to happen, i wont spoil it. Its got no online unfortunately, but what you get is 22 chapters which is continuous, there are no loading screens and countless twists in the plot to shock and amaze you as you dive deeper into the island and its secrets. I've already completed it and can tell you its a stunner and with a sequel in the pipeline this franchise is looking good, cannot wait. Forgot to mention there are amazing puzzles in the game which will have you baffled for ages as you try to open a secret door to the next room.
  2. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - First Person Shooter/War Game - No if you think this game is over rated, you are wrong. It is amazing. It has a really short but quite eventfull campaign mode which has you on the edge of your seat. It is set around the S.A.S. and U.S. Marines and you play Soap Mctavish in the S.A.S. and i can't remember who you play as Marines without playing it again. Whats happened is some maniac basically wants to get back at the Americans for ruining his Country, yes the plot is cheesy and is quite predictable. But intense fight scenes and epic cut scenes make up for it. Now, the best bit. ONLINE. It is a modern marfull and you cannot put the controller down, well only when your throwing it around when you have been SNIPED again and just wondering how they do it. But you don't care you just want to get better and better and be number 1 everytime. With around 18 maps plus the new 4 maps available on the Playstation Store for £5.99 this game will not bore you one bit. Also around 11 game modes including the usual deathmatch and team deathmatch but also Search and Destroy where your team only has one life and must plant the bomb at an enemys base and many other modes to keep you occupied all through the night, literally. With around 10 prestiges (that means you get to level 55 and then you start again with a new badge but from scratch) and hundreds of challenges to complete and unlock different camoflages and attatchments for your gun with also weird ones like shooting a claymore through a wall to kill someone this game will have you laughing your head off when your top of the leaderboard or ripping your hair out because you've just been killed by a member of your team, all that aside, this is gaming heaven.
  3. Grand Theft Auto IV - Sandbox Style/Free Roam/Violent - On the ps2 the GTA series were the best sellers and on the ps3, nothing is going to change. This game is astounding. Basically your Niko Bellic, a Russian Immagrant coming over to U.S.A. to aquire the 'American Dream' and looking for 'that special someone' which you find out later in the game. This game is amazing, you get 3 massive islands and 2 small islands to explore and do missions on, if you decide to that is. Thats the great thing you can either pick up your cell phone (oh yeah you get a cellphone which you can put themes and ringtones on) and answer for a mission or go around battering people on the side walk in a muscle car. It sounds crude, but its sooooooooooooooooo much fun just running people over and doing whatever you want and hopefully not getting caught by the police. There are hundreds of missions and then once you've done the main missions your only 70% complete, the rest of the 30% are side missions and going with your new friends to play snooker or go get drunk at a bar, yes you can get drunk. Rockstar have really out done themselves with this one and every attention to detail just makes the game! Thats not all, if your bored of going to bowling or doing missions. Go Online. Yes online, you can either go in a party which is basically the city but with no police and your friends can come in to and then either muck about in the city or go play 1 of around 15 different game modes which are all so much fun. This will have your jaw open at the t.v. screen as you surf the internet in an internet cafe, or run over lamposts with the sparks flying everywhere or as you hit a telephone post and you go flying out the windscreen! A must for every Playstation 3 owner.
  4. Gran Turisimo 5: Prolouge - Racing - A kind of semi demo, its not quite a demo, but not quite the real game. This is a racing game with just the atmost amount of detail. The attention to detail on the cars and race courses are impreccable and to date, graphically, this is the best game i have ever seen, even the drivers GLOVES have every stitch on them scrafted the detail, astounding. With around 7 tracks and over 60 licensed cars this will have you trying to complete C, B, A and S class races for big money. With this money you can buy whatever car you want from the garage and either race it at a track just doing whatever, no pressure or head on in an exhilerating racing experience that will have your heart racing and you hit the apex at 180mph in your 2,000,000 credit costing Ferrari F1 Car. Truley the best racing game ever created and its not even the proper one which comes out in September which will just be jaw dropping.

Now The Must Own Games For The Future:

  1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Sons Of Patriots - Stealth/Stategy Action Game - This is the first next generation Metal Gear Solid and aparently not the last which we thought was so. It centers around Snake, who is a mutual soldier trying to get rid of Otagon during a war between PMC (private military corporation) and Militia. This is a great stealth action game which will test your mind as you try to get around obstictles and missions. There are amazing features like the suit Snake wears, it can completely blend in with the environment and change colour and texture depending what surface you are up against, i know AMAZING. It is a 3rd person shooter which means you are looking at the person and not through his eyes but whilst aiming you can go into FPS mode (first person shooter mode) so you can see through his eyes but only when you are aiming or shooting or both. I played the online beta that was given to us on the Playstation Store (beta is like a trial of the online), i can inform you that it is amazing, it is not like other games, you can just blow everyones head off you have to use tactics to slowly defeat the enemy. The online was amazing with loads of different game modes and fully customizable character i loved it and can't wait for the singleplayer/campaign which in all honesty is what i really want. The fact that you have to be stealth and not just blow everything up appeals to me and you can stun the enemy or put them to sleep by using sleeper hold instead of tearing them to shreds. A could feature is blending with the environment, its not just surfaces, things like statues, you can pretend you are one with the suit as the soldiers mosey past aimlessly. You can stick up the enemy and hold them at gun point as they shiver in there boots and actually wet themselves! Yes you see the stain! But all in all this is a sophisticated, descret game for the more intellectual gamer who just wants to test their brain.
  2. Mirrors Edge - Mix Of Free Running And A First Person Shooter - Well based on the trailer, i am amazed. This is innovetive and not the regular, ok go on the Playstation Store or Youtube and download or watch the trailer. Running from platform to platform, jumping up walls and running over fences whilst shooting the bad guys, OH YEAH cannot wait. It is based around a female this time which makes a nice change from the masculinity of the likes of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Stunning scenery with bright, bold colours to grab your attention this looks so different and so going on my pre-order which is already piling up. Just the array of different moves and things to climb i hope this game has a great story and brilliant online because if its anything like the trailer i think we may have a new habitant of my ps3 drive.
  3. LittleBigPlanet - Family Friendly/Strategy Game - Well im normally a shoot 'em up or fast paced action thriller kind of guy but this, oh well it looks to good to not talk about. Your basically a little sackboy or sackgirl and you have a partner with which you must get over obsticles in the way, not just any old obsticles, wierd, inventive ones there to test your mind power and inventability (<-- dunno if its a word but hey). This looks amazing, a basic 2-D game on its side but you can create obsticles, customize your sackboy or sackgirl, you have to use your partner to climb objects, throw objects, use objects, throw each other, boost each other up and over a object and many more i could go on. It's so inventive and will be gracing stores in October but i for one cannot wait to play this game, have a look at the trailer on youtube. The thing i most admire is the graphics though, it looks simple, but the graphics and the game is not, the graphics and attention to detail on each little thing just boggles the mind and poses the question which i have posed many times, how do they do it? Outstanding work, hope if lives up to the amazing trailerS as well.
  4. Resistance 2 - First Person Shooter/ Sci-Fi Shooter - Ok i didn't mention number one because i have been playing it literally from March 07 - September 07 because 2007 was such a bad year for ps3 and had no games, but now theres no shortage. Oh yeah so as you can tell i got pretty bored of it and now i don't really play it. But at the time it was amazing, great graphics, frightening Chimera (the aliens you must defeat) and just generally an amazing game. Now why have a i mentioned it now then? Well for this reason = 60 player online battles. SIXTY PEOPLE, that is the most EVER in one game and the maps are going to be huge, the story on the first one was long and expansive and if its like that on the 2nd one this game will be occupying the disc drive for quite sometime. I cannot wait, the maps are going to be huge and online will just be phenomenal so i reccommend buying this only if you have online or get online so you can enjoy this FPS bliss.

Okay so that was must own games which has token most of my evening, wooo! But i couldn't fit every thing in so im going to leave you with a list of games which are good which are already out or coming out:


  • Resistance 1 & 2
  • Motorstorm 1 & 2
  • Haze
  • Condemed 2: Bloodshot
  • Fallout 3
  • Lego Batman
  • Farcry 2
  • Killzone 2 (PS3 exclusive and a must buy, damn should of wrote about this sorry)
  • Buzz: Quiz T.V.
  • Mecenaries 2: World In Flames
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  • Gran Turisimo 5
  • Battlefield: Bad Company
  • Tekken 6
  • The Bourne Conspiracy
  • Soul Calibre IV
  • Saints Row 2 (GTA IV wannabe really)
  • Call Of Duty 5
  • Midnight Club: Los Angeles
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Brothers In Arms 3: Hells Highway (although trailer didn't look to good but the first two were amazing)
  • Lego Indiana Jones

Okay thanks for reading this NON fanboy made guide and have a look at some of my other guides, thanks.


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