The Vauxhaull c'mons

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Like if this guide is helpful
I have seen several ebay menbers with listings for the vauxhaull c,mon puppets. you know the ones in UK tv addvert
if you dont mind wateing until the new year to buy one of these funny puppets just visit the link below

this is the weblink for the store where you can buy them
and this   is the weblink for the front end of the official site where you can find things like
wallpapers/screen savers /games/mobile stuff and clips of the c'mons

this is the official website for these dolls. dont pay over the top prices for them on ebay.
they sell for 19.90eur including tax

also beware of some ebay members who have the c'mons listed for £0.99
these listings inform you that the price is not for the puppet but for the weblink.
why pay some one money for some thing that you could find your self for free by searching the internet properly

use the official website

anyother website is a hoax.

I hope this guide is usefull to all those who are after the exclusive C'mons
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