The Womens Guide to Ballroom Dance Shoes

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The Womens Guide to Ballroom Dance Shoes

The art of ballroom dancing requires smooth, graceful movements and intricate footwork. No one could accomplish this without dance shoes designed specifically to help them. Women's ballroom dance shoes may look the same as strappy high heel shoes, but they are not. They feature better heel placement for balance, a more sturdy construction, and some must be more flexible than others to allow more movement.


How Women's Ballroom Dancing Shoes Should Fit

Ballroom dance shoes should fit rather snug to prevent the feet from sliding around in them. However, they cannot be too tight, or they become uncomfortable. Since the fit is critical, most women buy them in person, find their favourite brand and size, and then purchase wherever they want to from then on. Furthermore, the heel should be between 4 and 5 cm to get that elegant lifted look without putting the woman off-balance, and the shoes should have either a large strap or multiple thin straps for support.


Regular or Latin Ballroom Shoes

Although several forms of ballroom dance exist, the main two are standard and Latin. The standard style usually features slower movements and more elegant ballroom gowns. These shoes are close-toed with a thick heel for balance and a stiffer construction. Latin styles are fast, more intricate, and Latin dance dresses are small and exotic. These women's dance shoes have an open toe with thinner heels but a flared end for better support. Often, the heels are a bit higher than those of standard shoes, and the construction is always more flexible to allow women to point their toes. Women can wear Latin dance shoes for standard dance, but not the other way around, so most expert recommend starting out with them first. When trying them on, make sure the big toe sticks a little outside the platform so that it touches the ground when the foot is pointed.



Certain colours like black or white ballroom dance shoes are easy to wear with multiple ballroom dresses, but they cut off the leg line. Skin-coloured options are usually best because they go with everything and extend the length of the leg. However, the lack of colour does not appeal to everyone. Consider getting several colours to have on hand.


Women's Practice Ballroom Shoes

Even the best women's ballroom shoes can become uncomfortable after a while because of their construction. For this reason, many women get practice ballroom shoes; these have closed sides with plenty of support as well as ventilation. Some pairs are even attractive so as not to cause embarrassment.

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