The best LED for the job

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With this guide we aim to give you information based on which LED bulbs (That we sell) are best used in different locations in the home aqnd office. These are our own reccomendations for our own LED and they may not apply to other sellers LED light bulbs. Please find below the different types of LED we sell listed in the brightness they produce, with the lowest output first, and the brightest last.

21 LED GU10 Warm & Cool White : These LED bulbs are best used for background lighting, they use just 1 watt of power and produce a light equal to around 20 watts. They are best used when you may have a large number of down lighters in one room, or you have other main room lighting. They should not be used for main room lighting if they are the only source of light, as they will be too dim. They are a spot light and as such the beam of light is quite defined, this will mean that the area they light will be bright, but the spread of this light will be small.

48 LED GU10 Warm & Cool White : We now have the new 48 LED, these are much brighter than the older ones we sold. The new ones have around 140 Lumen of light, whereas the older ones had 90 Lumens. These bulbs use just 2.4 watts of power and produce a light output equal to around 35 watts. They can be used as main room lighting and give of a very good light. We find that they are great in a kitchen or hall way or even a bedroom.

High Power GU10 LED Light Bulb 1x3 Watt : These bulbs used to be the brightest bulbs we sold. They are a direct replacement for a halogen light bulb and produce a light output at around 40 watts. They are the same size in width and length as a standard halogen bulb. They use a single high power LED, with a special lens. This means that the bulb uses 3 watts but has a great spread of light, at around 90 degree. The cool white bulb will seem brighter than the warm white bulb. They could be used in any room in the home or office, we ourselves use some of these in our main bathroom and kitchen mixed with the 60 LED as well.

60 LED GU10 170 Lumen Cool & Warm White Light Bulb : These brand new to the UK 60 LED bulbs are a massive break through, they use 60 LED in each bulb and use just 3 watts of power, however they produce light equal to around a 50 watt halogen bulb. They have a massive 120 degree angle and come with a great light colour range. The warm white version is almost identical to a halogen bulb in colour output. They are almost a no brainer light bulb replacement. We use these ourselves in our own kitchen and bathrooms. They can be used as main room lighting in any room. These are the fastest selling light bulb that we sell. They are also great in shops, pubs and other retail outlets, they will equal the light you have in a halogen bulb but will reduce your lighting costs by a massive amount.

60 LED GU10 250 Lumen Cool & Warm White Light Bulb : The brightest LED light bulb on eBay!!!!!!! These brand new 250 Lumen light bulbs are the brightest you can buy in the UK at the moment. They use 3 watts of power like the 170 Lumen, but are brighter than a 50 watt halogen bulb. This again means you can use these as main room lighting in any room in the home or office. We have sold these bulbs now to every person for every use in home and business enviroments. The light output from these bulbs is truly shocking, when you buy them you will reccomend them to your friends and family. The savings by using these bulbs are massive. They really are a no brainer buy. If you have 50 watt halogen in your home and want to replace them for bulbs that are as bright if not brighter than these are the bulbs to buy...You wont be unhappy with these bulbs, they are the first bulbs we have sold that customers have said that they are really bright. We have sold these into carpet and furniture showrooms, homes, office pubs....They are the BEST bulbs on eBay

All the above light bulbs are listed in our eBay shop.

We hope this guide helps


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