The best Lures by Far !!

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 Rapalas are to me the Finest lures ever made , They have a lure to suit almost Every type of fishing. They float , sink , dive , But above all they catch fish & that is the lure fishers aim. People tend to believe that the bigger the lure the bigger the fish you will catch But that is just not the case , I have caught many Large pike on lures they say are for trout , I have caught trout on lures for pike , i have even caught an eel on a a small trout spinner. Fish are opportunists & if the offering fits in its mouth it will take it . Perch are very vicious when it comes to lures & sadly they are under rated. A large Perch can take almost the Biggest pike lures. Fresh & Saltwater RAPALA have a lure to suit They even tell you the BEST way to fish each particular Lure , The craftsmanship that go in to each Lure is stunning , Awesome colours + a  Huge range for all your Lure fishing needs.  COME TO BARRY'S BARGAIN CAVE FOR ALL YOUR LURE ADVICE ( ANYTIME )

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