The best Moses Baskets to buy

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  • Mamas and Papas White Moses Basket
  • Obaby Winnie The Pooh Moses Basket
  • Clair De Lune Lottie & Squeek Dark Wicker
  • Izziwotnot Blue Gift White Wicker
  • Lollipop Lane Rosie Posy Moses Basket 
  • Obaby B Is For Bear Cream Moses Basket
  • Lollipop Lane Pumpkin & Popsicle Moses Basket
  • Clair De Lune My Toys 5 Piece Moses Basket 
  • BabyStart My Toybox Moses Basket
  • Licorice Corner Beep & Brum Moses Basket
When your baby is tiny, there’s nothing sweeter than seeing them fast asleep in a Moses basket. Small and cosy, it’s the perfect place for your newborn to sleep. Many parents also find that the convenience of being able to take a small basket from one room to another is good in the early days, as you can have your baby with you at all times.
Some baskets can be placed on a stand, which means you can have it next to your bed at night. This will help with night feeds and will help avoiding back strain. Remember never carry the basket with your baby in it as the straps may give way. When your baby can roll or pull themselves up - usually from 4 to 6 months - move to a cot.
Our parenting expert is Sally J Hall, Editor  of B Baby Magazine  and Author of Eco Baby.

Mamas and Papas White Moses Basket

eBay Loves: Good quality fabrics, tog rated quilt
Watch out for: Palm handles might become weak over time
RRP: £59.95

A plain and simple basket like this is good for either a boy or a girl, so makes a good choice if you don’t know what you’re having, or if this is your first and you plan on having more children in the future. It’s made from palm, which is soft and flexible but not terribly hard wearing.

It has a nice hood with a sweet pleated detail at the front that can be adjusted to shade your baby from the sun’s rays. The fabric covering the whole basket is in a waffle weave with three cute bunnies appliquéd on the cover. It is of a very good quality, is fully lined and comes with a foam mattress.

All the covers can be machine washed at 40 degrees. It has a 2.5 tog rated quilt – really useful, as you can tell exactly how warm your baby’s bedding is and not risk overheating. You have a choice of two stands to place the basket on; the classic stand, which comes in a natural or white painted finish or the deluxe stand, which comes in a cream finish. Both can be folded flat for storage.

Obaby Winnie The Pooh Moses Basket 

eBay loves: Perfect for Disney lovers
Watch out for: A bit more expensive than some
RRP: £74.99

There are plenty of us – adults and kids alike – who love Disney characters and Winnie The Pooh is one of the most endearing. This neat little palm basket has classic white fabric as its main colour, so is good for both boys and girls.

The hood and cover have spotted trim, there’s a hanging toy on the hood and Winnie The Pooh is embroidered on the cover with the words “Pooh Bear” in bright colours. There’s a liner with red trim around the handles and a soft foam mattress included in the price.

The hood can be adjusted up or down to suit. All the fabric on the basket can be removed and is machine washable at 30 degrees. The basket can be placed on either a folding wooden stand, in a choice of white or natural wood finish, or there’s a rocking stand in the same wood.

Clair De Lune Lottie & Squeek Dark Wicker Moses Basket

eBay loves: Durable wicker will last for years, sweet fabrics
Watch out for: Wicker works out rather more expensive than Palm
RRP: £76.99

Perfect for a little girl, this is a pink Moses basket with lots of sweet characters for your baby to look at. The two main characters, named Lottie and Squeek, appear playing in a garden on the quilt cover and are repeated on the print of the basket’s liner.

There is plenty of top stitching and prints in polka dots and gingham. The basket is made from dark wicker, a very hard wearing material that will last for years, (or for several babies), and though this makes the basket more expensive, it’s a good investment if you plan to use it again. The handles are made from leather. It can also be bought in natural or white wicker, or in palm. Inside the basket is a mattress and it comes complete with a liner, cover and hood, which can be raised or pushed down.

All the material can be removed for washing. There are three stands that can be teamed with the basket, the standard rocking stand comes in natural or white, there’s a folding stand in a plain wooden finish and there’s the deluxe, which has a rocking base and comes in dark natural and white finishes.

Izziwotnot Blue Gift White Wicker Moses Basket 

eBay loves: Plain and simple with a tog rated quilt, wicker is a durable material
Watch out for: A bit more expensive than some
RRP: £89.00

This pale blue basket is fresh and quite plain and will suit any little boy’s nursery. It has textures of both smooth piqué cotton and cosy waffle fabrics with velvet ribbon trim and a little detail of a cute ‘puddy’ dog. The sturdy wicker basket is available in white, dark or natural finishes and includes a padded liner, dressing, hood and a 2.5 Tog cover.

The covers are made from 100% cotton, which will be soft against your baby’s skin and can be machine washed. The wicker is woven with quite a loose weave on the sides, so allows air to flow through. Inside the basket is a nicely padded foam mattress, which has a waterproof PEVA cover that can be wiped clean.

It is heat-sealed at the edges, which stops moisture and dust from getting into the mattress, too. The basket has leather straps for a touch of luxury. The basket can be placed on a stand, which comes in a choice of natural, white and dark wood to match the colour of your basket.

eBay loves: Pretty fabrics and nice details
Watch out for: Partly synthetic fabrics, would have been nice in 100% cotton
RRP: £64.99

A palm basket in a natural colour, this is a lightweight basket that is perfect for using in any room of the house to keep your baby near you. It comes with a pretty cover that has a rabbit motif embroidered on it as well as dotty and striped fabrics that look attractive.

The cover is made from smooth fabric that is 35% cotton and 65% polyester and the liner is 100% polyester – not so nice for your baby’s skin as pure cotton, perhaps. It has a soft foam mattress and the hood is also covered with the dotty fabric with a neat striped trim at the front. There are nice details, such as the trim on the slots where the handles pass through the cover.

The basket can be placed on a folding wooden stand or on a more elaborate rocking stand, which has a practical canvas shelf below the basket, perfect for storing toys and spare bedding. It can be locked in place if you don’t want it rocking. Both come in a natural wood finish.

eBay loves: Nice details and would be suitable for a boy or girl
Watch out for: The cover is not tog rated, hood doesn't always stay in place
RRP: £59.99

This is a palm basket that comes with a mattress, a removable liner and an embroidered patchwork square blanket that helps keep your baby warm and cosy.

The fabric is a waffle weave with little details of patchwork and appliqué, including a teddy bear motif and gingham trim. It’s all in muted cream and beige colours, which will suit either a boy or a girl. The covers aren’t 100% cotton but a blend of materials which is a shame.

The hood can be pulled up to shade your baby when sleeping and pushed back when playing, though you may find it tricky to keep the hood in place – try adjusting the wing nuts at the sides. The fabric is machine washable at 30 degrees, which means you can always keep it looking good. Team it with a folding wooden stand that comes in a natural or white finish, or choose a rocking stand in the same wood finishes to complete the look.

eBay loves: Lovely embroidered characters
Watch out for: The colours won’t suit everyone
RRP: £64.99

A strong wicker basket in a natural finish, this will last for years and makes a cosy first bed for your baby. It comes with a wipe clean mattress and has two carrying handles made from leather. The fabrics are in a range of neutral colours including cream, yellow and apricot with accents of lime, raspberry and turquoise in plain and striped fabrics with sweet embroidered buttons on the hood.

There are two cute characters on this basket; Pumpkin is a little yellow bird toy, which hangs from the hood to amuse your baby. It can be removed so that your little one has a toy to play with. Popsicle is a floppy-eared bunny rabbit, which has been embroidered onto the cover of the basket. The liner, cover and hood fabrics are all removable and can be machine washed.

There are lots of other items in the range so you can decorate your baby’s room with the whole theme. You can also add a folding wooden stand for the basket or a rocking stand with a canvas shelf to store little items for your baby. This can also be locked in pace and both come in a natural wood finish.

eBay loves: A good package of everything you need, including the stand
Watch out for: Not all fabrics are natural cotton
RRP: £59.99

This is a set of matching items and will provide a comfortable place for your baby to sleep in the first few months. You get a palm Moses basket, a wooden rocking stand that will soothe your baby to sleep, or can be locked in a stationary position, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and a fleece blanket.

There is a padded liner and a mattress included in the price and the liner and cover are made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester. The sheets are 100% cotton and the fleece blanket is 100% polyester (you should not use the fleece with a baby under 12 months). All of the fabric can be removed and washed at 30 degrees.

The fabrics are all plain, with the exception of the cover, which has a neutral embroidered motif of three little characters and the words “my toys” on it. It would be suitable for either a boy or a girl.

eBay loves: Good price and nice details
Watch out for: Not all natural fabrics
RRP: £34.99

With a blue star and train design and blue and white fabrics, this is a newborn set for a baby boy. This Moses basket gives you the perfect place for your baby to sleep, rest and play in the first few months until they are old enough to move on to a cot or cotbed.

It's nice and light, so you can bring your baby into whichever room you need to be in. The basket has been handmade from corn husk, which is a totally natural material and comes with a soft foam mattress included. It features an adjustable hood, lining fabric and a cover. The lining is made from 65% polyester, 35% cotton and the fabrics can be removed and machine washed at 40 degrees.

The quilt has a tog rating of 4 which is high – best suited for the colder months of the year - and is made from the same materials as the lining with a filling of 100% polyester. It does not come with a stand but you could add the Clair De Lune Rocking Stand to complete your nursery.

Licorice Corner Beep & Brum Moses Basket 

eBay loves: Good colours, sweet motif
Watch out for: Would be better if all fabrics were cotton
RRP: £49.99

Part of a range of nursery bedding, curtains and other extras, this Moses basket is a must for a little boy with its fun Bumper Car motif and stripy fabrics. The basket has two carrying handles and is made from palm. The price includes a wipe clean foam mattress to ensure your baby gets a good night’s sleep.

The main colour of the fabric is a sweet pale blue and there are bright stripes on the cover and the front of the hood in red, green, yellow and blue. The cover is 100% cotton and the liner is 100% polyester. All of the fabric is washable and can be thrown in the washing machine.

If you want to add a stand, choose one of Lollipop Lane’s; there’s a folding wooden model or alternatively, you can choose a rocking stand which has a neat storage shelf underneath. Both come in a natural wooden finish.

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