The best cosplay and fashion wig sellers on eBay.

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Don't get ripped off!
There's quite a few people on this site who claim to be based in the UK or have a warehouse here, when in actual fact the items you order are indeed, as always, coming from China. I've bought from both UK and Chinese sellers, and I'm going to review them all here for you.

Wigs come in varying prices here, and a lot of people just click Pay Now when they aren't even really sure if the quality is up to scratch, or if they are getting a good deal.

This happens a lot with wigs, so here's a little guide for who to watch out for.
AVOID - Zafina-UK
Wigs vary between coming from the UK or coming from China, however they do have a tendency to not show up at all sometimes. I would really avoid these folks, don't be tempted by the cheap prices!
I also got messages harassing me to change my feedback I left for them, even though the wig I spent £10 never came. They offered me all kinds of discounts, and messaged me several times a week, in the end they were blocked.
AVOID - Annabelle's Wigs
These folks are some of the most unhelpful people I've ever met, the wig I ordered for nearly £30 was absolutely dire quality, and I was lied to about whether or not it could be styled, they said yes, it frazzled as soon as I tried!
Very unhelpful and would not give me my money back.
For that wig, the Betty, at most I would have paid £10.
AVOID - UKDigital365
Blue cosplay looking wig with lots of flicks, there seem to be tons of sellers selling these particular ones at the moment for anywhere from £2-6. 
The cap on this wig was horrible, not as described and the wig was so awfully shiny. I literally just threw it in the bin, it wasn't worth the £4 I paid, not even for a one day cosplay - cosplay wigs should always look good!
AVOID - Reelva
Reelva wigs are extremely common on eBay, and are sold by a number of different sellers for many varying prices. Some of those prices are completely ridiculous; £15 - when these wigs are pretty low to mid-low quality, can't be heat styled and end up quite shiny. They always have a LOT of hair fall off straight away from out of the bag, and they don't last long at all.
Usually really cheap caps, no clips at all and super flyaway hair that can't be styled.
AVOID - WiWigs
I've never dealt with such a rude seller in my life. I had my heart set on their fox red curly wig, and they sent me such an inferior product it was almost a joke. 
The wig that turned up, that I spent a good and not at all cheap £30 on, was dire. It looked like clown hair, the curls were so tight and a lot more of a fake orange than the photo showed! Even the skin top wasn't sewn on properly, I'm pretty sure that whoever made it had made it in the dark!
I was not happy at all and messaged them to tell them, they ignored me for days until I opened a case, at which point they became abusive and called me a scam artist for wanting my money back. I reported all their messages and feedback, and could see this was not the first time they had done this to someone. 
The messages saying I was blackmailing them by leaving a negative started arriving every hour so I had to block them in the end.
AVOID - crystal-glamour
Paid not a great deal but really expected more for a nearly £10 wig, the seams were all sewed into each other at the top, so the very top of the wig stuck up like a point! Awfully scratchy and cheap hair, possibly the shiniest quality I've ever seen, I didn't even bother photographing it under lights as I knew I would probably be blinded by it!
AVOID - keyuan58
Waited over a month but the wig never ever arrived, I'm quite certain it was never sent. Then I had to wait a further number of weeks to get my refund.
Don't be tempted by their low prices!
AVOID - Headrazor
I paid over £30 for a "dread" wig by them as the photos looked really cool, what turned up was a ridiculously cheap looking, ratty fringed wig, that couldn't be heat styled or the fringe bobbled and burned off, and the "dreads" were actually cheap twists of terribly low quality hair, super shiny.
I was told several days after paying for it that the one I wanted was not in stock, even though they happily took my money, and so had to choose a different one.
Also the seller says they ship from the UK, which is very strange as the parcel that arrived for me after a week was in German and had come from Berlin.
AVOID - poptasion
The quality of the wig left a lot to be desired, as it started shedding hair straight from the bag, this is normal but the amount that shed from this wig was RIDICULOUS.
I left a neutral feedback and they didn't stop harassing me until I blocked them, saying they would lose their account due to my neutral feedback, which we know is not true, that's not how neutral works!
GOOD - 11chenfeng22
Really fast postage from China, and actually arrived before the start of the estimated delivery date! Also the wig was amazing quality, and an excellently low price, couldn't recommend them enough.
GOOD - Yi Mei
They have some of the best wigs I've ever seen for cosplay. They're a little pricier and the delivery can take a while but they DO turn up, and the quality and thickness is absolutely perfect!
I love the twin tails lolita wig, the pink and blue version looks amazing in person :)
GOOD - Coscraft
These folks are my go-to person when I need a new wig for anything. All the wigs are perfect, easy to style and cut as the kanekalon is of the highest quality, and the range of styles and colours are amazing! The blues and greens they use for the wigs are some of the nicest I've ever seen. 
These definitely don't have the fake and cheap look about them, and they aren't shiny at all.
They offer really quick postage, which is great for me as I'm really impatient, and I've never ever had a parcel from them go missing.
I've bought about eight wigs from them now, and they've never disappointed me.
GOOD - Uptrending
The crimped wig that I bought from them was really nice, possibly one of the best wigs I've ever actually had.
Very quick postage, very nice quality and it wasn't even obviously a wig, it looked like natural hair! 
The cap and clips were very good quality too, which was nice as I only spent £11.
The crimping and the colour were perfect - highly recommended!
NEUTRAL - xiaoxiaowu1964
It was sad to make this a neutral as the postage was really quick and the wig was really beautiful in length and quality, but unfortunately they sent me the wrong colour!
The cap and clips were fine and it was quite high quality.
NEUTRAL - zing-vogue
I bought about three wigs from these guys before so I really trusted them, as the postage was very fast and everything was really good quality, however, the fourth time around my wig just never turned up and they stopped replying to my messages. 
I had to open a case, and was a bit gutted as I had never had a problem with them before, however now, I definitely would not buy from them again due to their poor customer service.
All previous wigs were perfect though.
NEUTRAL - solertea2009
Fairly quick postage from these guys, but the wig that they sent me was not actually the right colour, clearly the photos used for their items have been edited, because the hair was supposed to be orange, and was very obviously red.
Clips and cap fine though.
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