The best natural skin care regime

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1. Cleanse your skin - every morning and evening

Wake up and pat your skin with warm water to open the pores. Next, take a medium amount of cleanser in your hand and rub into your skin with gentle circular motions (use the tips of your fingers so that you are massaging your skin). Do this for at least 60 seconds. Then wash your skin with warm water until you can no longer feel the cleanser on your skin (you can use a gentle smooth wash cloth if you have one to help wipe away the cleanser). Then finish by using cold water to close the pores and pat dry your skin with a towel

2. Apply toner (optional)

As with many things in the skincare industry, there is a lot of debate about whether toners are really needed. Essentially, they are believed to adjust your skins PH Level (acidity / alkaline balance) back to normal after cleansing. However, arguably the skin automatically adjusts it's own PH Level, and if you are using an all-natural cleanser then your skin's PH balance won't have been thrown too much out of whack to begin with. Our advice = try it. See if you feel and notice a difference. However, not trying it / using it won't have any real adverse affects.

3. Apply a (natural) moisturizing serum or cream

There are numerous serums and creams in the market and you need to find the one best suited to your skin type (for instance, a heavy oil based cream is not best for acne skin as it will clog pores and cause more breakouts. A lightweight oil free alternative would be much better). We recommend that whatever product you use, make sure that it is fully natural (and organic where possible) as harsh chemical creams will cause dry skin and problems in the long term.

4. Apply sun protection (optional)

Depending on where you live and the season, you may want to think about sun protection products to protect your skin against photo-damage. Aim for a minimum SPF of 30 and once again, aim for a natural sunscreen (preferably one with titanium dioxoide and zinc oxide - not one with 'nano particles')

5. Exfoliate (no more than twice a week)

Exfoliating your skin will enhance the effects of your entire regime and will cause your skin to glow. There are several types of exfoliators on the market (from physical scrubs to AHA/BHA peels and masks). We advise a mix of a gentle scrub and a fruit complex (AHA/BHA) mask. Use the scrub once a week, and the mask once a week (a few days apart). Exfoliators help remove old and dead skin cells on the surface layer of your skin and reveal newer and brighter looking skin (and also help your moisturizer to penetrate the deeper levels of your skin as the top 'dead' layer is removed). 
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