The best place to shop is ebay

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        Since I discovered ebay my shopping world changed by a mile .There is no easier way to shop in a world as an ebay .Just simply by one single click you are here ,you don`t need to go out ,you don`t need to drive from one shop to another looking at the items and comparing prices ,cos it`s all there . I still remember my first item I have sold it ,it was my DJ mixing set.That first day when uploaded item on ebay,I was thinking there is no way it will sell ,but it did and almost near the price that I was paying couple years back for new one .Not to mention that guy who bought item was from another country he was from Spain in Ibiza.So it blown my mind .

Sometimes I wonder how it easy to get rid of few items from your house that`s been sitting up there on a self and collecting a dust for years .Just simply take the item ,wipe dust away ,take the best picture as you can ,
little description and here you are, customer right there already looking at your item .Please be aware that if you wanna sell be as genuine as you can so people can imagine condition of the item .

There is no need to look else where when you looking for comfort and security it`s all here. I think by now you have already purchased few items here and reading my short letter with a smile thinking :he is absolutely right 
it was not that scary after all ,it was good fun ,that is what all about is it?
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