The best way to look at intruder alarms

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Hi all, here is a little bit of thought for an alarm system once read if you could please rate this helpful or unhelpful as you find and read it thanks

Always plan ahead, Never ever get some thing that should just do the job ( most likely it will until you leave it on holiday then it goes completely wrong) Alarms are becoming more and more of a necessary, Insurance demands and personal security both are essential parts of an alarms life but very rare do the two go together quite as good as it seems,

There are two main areas in which to look at in both the planning and installation process, *When planning your alarm system look for the most valuable areas of the building, But then look at how you were to get there and what else some one breaking in might possible find on route, i.e. The lounge/sitting room: most likely one of the main areas of both personal belongings and also the highest value, ( Don't forget unless you take time and stealth away from the burglar the more time they have at looking and doing damage) is also more central in the building meaning the intruder has full roam to the building i.e. hallways in which clocks, Paintings ect. are on show,

Remember most insurance companies only look at areas of £1000 or more as a risk not the photo's or irreplaceable items of little money value but huge sacramental value, *Also look at the easy entry points of the building were not just talking about large windows or doors, The average intruder can open a small 30cm X 20cm window enough possibly to get there hand/arm through to open the lock on the window next to, or unlock the bolts off a door both on the ground floor and 1st floor, especially if the area is around the back where smashing a window would make a noise to alert people spending 5 minutes trying to prise and open a window will not,

When looking at a alarm system the main pointers to keep a eye on are: Easy to use system too complicated and no chance it will be used to pop down to the shops for five minutes Capabilities of the system i.e night setting remote setting of garages and out buildings and  Zone capabilities,

You might for example only want 6 zones (4 pirs and 1 door contact and 1 personal attack button) but then you decide that it would be best to alarm the back door later on or alarm the garage, Or increase the zones inside the building itself so it might look good on paper to buy a six zone system now but 2 years down the line and you add 3 more zones it becomes a big job because your current system can't take the extra demand,

Make sure that you can fit a good size back up battery on the system power cuts are becoming more and more of an occurrence and 6 hours might not be enough, There might be space for a bigger battery but if the panel can't take it then it won't charge the same and the panel is always trying to hard to do the job. The professional alarm system will have a minimum of a 12 hour standby time try to do the same,

Run one cable to one device not one six core to three devices, it might look cheaper but if that cable ever gets damaged then you lose three zones instead of one,

Put a good budget in for the alarm the more the alarm is to buy today the better and longer it will last tomorrow, Make sure that all the rooms on the downstairs that have value in are protected don't forget even though the dining room ( e.g.) might only have table and chairs in and that point in time with the burglar undisturbed the more time he has at looking through the draws or even nicking off with the dining table ( I've seen it happen)

Remember to look in to putting some form of communications on the alarm by means of a speech dialler, SMS(text) alert, ARC ( Alarm receiving centre ), Police response, Dual path, Redcare, as in todays world no one pays no attention to the bell ringing on some bodys home or factory just the annoyance of it,

Remember NEVER CUT CORNERS the burglar will exploit these to there full advantage

Hope that this is of some help to some one out there please rate this artical,

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