The cruel fur trade....dont buy real fur

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Hi there,
As you all know, there are many real fur items currently for sale on eBay. I am shocked and appalled that people are still buying fur, I’m making this guide for everyone. I want people to know what goes on and I want people to think very carefully before they buy real fur.

The Chinese/Swedish, in particular tend to be very cruel, lacking in many animal cruelty laws, which, in turn, allows many disgusting and cruel acts to occur.



These poor animals, usually rabbits, foxes, mink, dogs, cats and raccoon dogs are bred on these fur farms, they are exposed to horrid living conditions in cramped cages where they have no protection from the elements. After animals reach a certain age (usually six months) they are taken to be skinned. I watched a video and it wasn’t in any way pleasant, these animals are hung by their ears or tails or they’re held down, some receive punches to the head and other parts of their body.


One fox had a broken jaw, his eyes said it all, he was in extreme pain and suffering tremendously. The animals often suffer broken bones, they then have their arms cut, just above the paw on each leg. The workers then pull the skin off of their bodies. As you can imagine, the pain would be excruciating. I saw a rabbit being skinned alive on one video, it was screaming in agony as its skin was ripped from it's back. The scream it was emitting was truly awful, i've never heard a rabbit make that kind of noise before. Animals cannot talk like us but when an animal screams like that it is showing it's despair and pain. There is a video of this,  for anyone who doubts that this goes on, it can be accessed via Youtube, simply search "Have you ever heard a bunny scream".



One small raccoon dog had been through a similar ordeal and was filmed lying on a pile of carcasses, he lifted his bloody head to look at his body then the camera, he then slumped back down obviously in immense pain, covered in his own blood, with only his eyelashes left, he was clearly in shock. I cannot fathom just how tremendous this kind of pain would be.

His fur was made to make a coat that is perhaps sitting in someone’s wardrobe right should be on his back, he wouldn't have had to suffer if this fur trade wasn't going on....if there wasn't demand.


These workers are anything but nice, the trade itself is disgusting. I cannot imagine the terrible suffering that must go on in these farms, god only knows how cruel these workers can be, some are even known to feed animals faeces and urine and hang them on hooks. The Chinese believe that the more the animal suffers the sweeter the meat, fur farms are only the tip of the iceberg. On the Swedish farms, these animals are also living in appalling conditions, day in, day out. All I know is that these animals suffer a great deal, all in the name of fashion.


Real fur is essentially not a necessity; it is something we want because it makes a statement but when people see you walking down the road wearing real fur, what will they think? When I see someone wearing real fur i see that that person either isn't aware of what’s going on or doesn’t want to know, at the end of the day they have a big, if not the biggest part to play in this sick trade.

It's up to us, as consumers to avoid any seller on eBay selling real fur, if we buy then the trade continues.

I could have added more pictures to this article but due to the graphic content I won't, what I will do is urge everyone to learn about the fur trade and educate others. The demand for fur has risen, we need to stop this. Sign petitions, don't buy fur and tell everyone you know....

People who read this might feel they have the free will to buy whatever they want, of course you do but do you really want to wear a garment that has been made from animals that have suffered immensely throughout their entire lives? that died in a horrible way? do you want to wear the coat of a rabbit that screamed in pain as it was ripped from her back? Can someone wear that knowing what happened? I would think any decent human being could feel the pain these animals had to go through and could understand that buying real fur is totally unacceptable, we are in the year 2010, this should not be going on.

I urge people to watch Peta's video of the fur farm, this can also be accessed via your eyes to what’s going on, one day with everyone’s help we will get fur farms shut down for good, not only in China but in the rest of the world.

Since making this guide i have had numerous sellers contacting me disputing what goes on. I see that some people in the comments do not believe that skinning an animal alive would be beneficial. I agree. The issue is that numerous animals, even if gassed, will still be skinned alive. Very common. If we look at the UK and it's own methods of slaughtering, particularly the larger animals, there is never a real quick and easy way of killing for mass produce.

I heard that the reason they skinned them whilst they were still alive, was because slitting the throat or a knock to the head, can cause bleeding and blood, would, of course, ruin the pelt. This is all up for debate. There has also been speculation that PETA asked workers to do this to the animals deliberately for shock factor. I don't believe this because there have been numerous videos from entirely different sources showing very similar methods. This guide is for guidance. I am encouraging people to be aware, to research and to speak to other people about this. Not only the fur trade but the leather trade (where similar disgusting atrocities occur) the meat trade and the exotic animal skin trade...none of this should be going on in 2016. We are killing our planet, our resources, our plants, trees, animals...and each other. All because of greed.
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