The dangers to your health when working with cement and concrete.

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Just like any other substance cement and concrete have their own selection of health warnings and positive links to various ailments. Despite various methods to minimise the effects of the linked health issues there are still countless ways you can be effected by using cement.
Though the severity of the ailments depend heavily on the duration you are working with the substance for, and your natural state of health the effects of cement can be felt through physical contact with the substance as well as inhalation.
Burns - Generally associated with wet cement various degrees of burn can be afflicted on physical contact with cement. Some injuries can result in hospitalization and others can take months to heal. Though protective garments must be work at all times there are always possibilities of the substance seeping through material and falling in to the sides of your boots or gloves. In worst scenario cases third degree burns can be experienced resulting skin grafts. To help minimise the effects any clothing or materials which come into contact with cement should be removed as soon as possible.
Allergic reaction - Like many other allergies you may not know you are allergic until you come into contact with the substance. In cases involving cement it is also possible to develop an allergy whilst working with the substance. An allergy to hexavalent chromium is highly common amongst builders and other construction workers. The element is found within cement and can cause skin rashes and ulcers. Inhalation of the substance also results in respiratory problems and can even bring on the development of occupational asthma.
Inhalation - Breathing in any toxic substance is hazardous to your health, cement is not any different. The particles inhaled can cause a variety of different effects. In the short term you can experience irritation of the nose, throat and even have difficulty in breathing. The more long term effects involve the development of silicosis and even lung cancer.
Using protective equipment and garments significantly reduces the severity of some ailments however they do not make you immune to the possibilities. When working at home use all the appropriate protective gear and ensure you have a highly ventilated work area. It is also a recommended idea to ensure that you have no family, pets or pregnant women around when you are working with cement.
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