The difference between Satin Rayon & Nylon Rattail Cord

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I have recently been asked about the difference between Rayon Satin Rattail cord & the Nylon equivalent, so after looking up some basic facts, I thought other people might find the information helpful, so I have summarised it as follows:

Rayon satin cord is a high-quality, natural fibre, made from wood pulp, and manufactured in the US. It has a smooth, shiny appearance and a silky feel, which is ideal for making quality necklaces, for Chinese knotting projects, and for lacing and bridal wear. To stop the ends fraying seal with a tiny drop of 'Fray Check', super glue or clear nail varnish.

Nylon satin cord is an artificial fibre, with a coarser appearance than rayon. It is hard wearing, and can be used for bracelets,  necklaces and Chinese knotting, or for projects for children and pets.  The ends can be heat-sealed to stop fraying.

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