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Some people on eBay are selling this guide for around £0.99 - £1.99...RIP OFF!

This is public infomation so therfore should be open to the public.... FOR FREE!


The guide:

--- How to get FREE mobile phone credit - all networks ---

Step 1: Buy a top up voucher of your choice, find a friend who is also on the same network to buy one too.

Step 2: Both of you type in the digit of the top up card into your phone (the same voucher).

Step 3: When you get to the last digit both of you press confirm at the exact same time so the same voucher registers on both of your phones.

Step 4: Repeat this with the other card. You will now have twice the amount of credit on your phone for the price of half. This works around about 95% of the time!

This is 100% Legal, its a loop hole so it is not breakin any laws.


Just copy and paste the instructions above and you have what other people are charging money for..

No need to thanks me BUT i would apreciate it if you ticked my guide as being usefull!




Note to eBay:

This is FREE public infomation available on the web for free (if you look in the right places)

Other people are selling this info on ebay and they are aloud to.

I prefer to share this infomation, I have full re-sale rights to it including the right to give it for free, this is quite simply a "guide" please treat it as such.

All of the infomation is 100% legal, please contact me if you have any questions what so ever, thanks..

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