The eBay Buyers Guide

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This guide, written by Terry Gibbs, who has sold over 12,000 items on eBay, will help you to avoid some of the many pitfalls that newcomers can stumble into. There is also a wealth of experience to be listened to which will show you how to find items on eBay complete with search tips to help you save a lot of time and help you find things quicker and easier. Terry also includes 27 ways to avoid being scammed, because although in general eBay is a great place to be, there are still scamsters out there who prey on the new and uninitiated - and sometimes the more experienced! Finally, a tutorial on how to get your goods for the lowest possible prices. Auction techniques that will help you win the bidding wars time and time again. A very good book and one that even the more experienced eBayer will enjoy reading. You can download a FREE copy of the eBay Buyers Guide Free of Charge from my website by copying and pasting the following into your browser: 

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