The feedback thieves!!!

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The Feedback thieves?? the fake buyers......

Feed back is very important to every person selling on ebay, it is even more important to a business starting up or selling on here, BUT there are feedback thieves out there that will damage your rating on purposs to make sure the COMPETITION is lower than theres.
Such a shame that I found out the hard way and I dont mean this lightly..........
..........I decided to use our personal ebay account for my hobby, making and selling pagan supplies in December 2006. I changed the name of the account to the name that my shop will be once I have some familarity for myself and my wares. I already had some neg feedback from a few past purchases that I made and then went into hospital to have my baby (which wasn't a straight forward one so I was in for a few weeks) when I returned neg feedback had been given so I shrugged it off and carried on regardless. In January and February sales took off not only on here but within my local outlet as well and a few people left really good feedback. I came in from working (making what i had orders for) to find I had sold yet another item and as you can expect was delighted, but there was something different about this one it was a shop!! To be honest it was money that I need to get my company on the go so let the fact that this retailer wanted the item go and made a top quality rune set with an expensive taffeta bag and our hand writen instruction manual. This was on day 17 of my handeling time (2 kids and a business takes alot of juggling). The next day (day 18) I sent the items as I always do In a padded Jiffy bag with the items inside wrapped twice in bubble wrap and then in a special tissue paper for affect, I also included my standard documentation on the outside of the packet and to top it off sent it FIRST CLASS RECORDED DELIVERY. Satisfied that the package had gone I returned to sorting and making my other orders and didnt hear anything from the buyer for almost a 3 weeks, i'm used to this though as for every one person that leaves feedback another 5 probably won't. In checking my emails on the 10th of march I noticed one from ebay ( I didnt have anything for sale at the time as valentines day had hda me flat out making items that had been sold) so i logged in to find an email stating that the item in question had not been received and that she wanted her money back I got onto to royal mail who told me the item had been delivered and signed for, I answered immediatly saying that I didnt know she hadn't recieved it, why didn't she contact me earlier and gave her the address i'd sent it to with the royal mail signed for details, there was nothing I could do I  had proof it had been delivered and apologies.

As you can expect I didnt get an email back just bad feedback saying:

Item not recieved, seller rude when I asked for refund, Proof of postage refused

My responce within good reason was WHAT THE HELL IS SHE PLAYNG AT????? I contacted ebay they did nothig I contacted her to no avail  either and in the end left a reply to the feedback within her feedback site in direct mirroring style that she had done to me. So my first reaction to this is, keep an eye on your auctions, if you think the person bidding is one of these thieves then I suggest you hold your head high and delete their bid. Im gutted I havent sold an item since and its really damaged my credablity on here and will take a while to build it back up.

Turns out this person has done it a few times to other competitors. And theres loads of them out there.

I hope this helps some of you quicker than it did me.

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