The importance of your ebay used id name

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When most people sign up at eBay they choose a username similar to their own name, a funny name, or a name full of numbers ie. Sally_23432.

I done exactly the same thing, I wasnt aware at that time that I would be selling ebooks, but I have since changed my id name naturally.

Now this is ok for your ordinary every day ebayer, however this is not a good user id for someone who is intending on making money from eBay.

Your Id should reflect what you sell on eBay, ideally you should choose your website name as your ebay id name.

Remember eBay does not like your exact url to be used as your ebay name ie

If you dont have a website thats absolutely fine, but still change your id name.

For example if you were buying an ebook from




Which do you think sounds better, more professional and more trusted, so you see what I mean.

Now obviously you all dont sell ebooks, but choose a related name, if you sell clothes try and use fashion in your id name, if you sell games for consoles use psp xbox nintendo in your id name, are you catching my drift?

Your eBay Id is one of the first things buyers will see so make it catchy, make it related and your onto a winning id !

Remember if you change your eBay user Id then you must check all links in your item listings, ie. your about me page, view my feedback, etc etc. Its better to change your ebay name as soon as possible so that you wont have 100s of listings that need to be amended.

When you change your id name you will have a small icon next to your new id name for 30 days or so, this is so people can see what your id name used to be before you changed it.

Your feedback ratings transfer over to your new id name so dont worry about losing all your precious feedback either !

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