The miniaturist and Bunka

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Japanese Bunka Embroidery is often refered to as oil painting with thread because the finished piece resembles a work of art.

So how does the art of painting with rayon thread and a punch needle relate to dolls and dolls house enthusiasts?

I learnt about Bunka and its uses from a group of Canadians and agree with them that the thread is especially valuable to miniaturists. This is because, if the thread is pulled, it unravels into a lovely, loopy stretchy thread that has a multitude of uses.

I have used unravelled Bunka for curly doll hair, small bears, 'lace' trim on the edges of clothing and generally as a decorative trim.

Plain Bunka can be used for piping furniture and upholstery.

Rugs can be made from both plain and unravelled Bunka. The cord can be glued or needle punched onto the fabric. The loopy quality gives a great pile for miniature rugs.

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