The new Nokia N95 8gb - is it worth it?

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Hi, this is my first guide, so bear with me.

I recently purchased the new sexy black N95 8gb version on ebay for £350. Having already had the n95 i new what to compare it to. (check out the youtube vid)

the screen is a 2.8" 16M color QVGA display  WOW nice touch! Not only that, but its fliush with the phone as opposed to being a little recessed from before. It also has the dedicated music keys raised instead of flat so its easier to find them without looking - handy! Has a longer life battery, but the main good thing is that it is so much more faster and can handle more applications running at the same time then the previous version. It takes 5 seconds to load up for god sake!

One of the best things is that it now is in white - the backlight on the keypad that is - its more easy on the eyes.

The only problem i can think of that effect me is there is NO LENS COVER. pity, but it just means that you have to take care of it.

In my opinion, the n95 always was awsome, but the black sexy *gb version is so much better if you can afford it and with music capabilites that rivals an ipod, its truly awsome!!!!

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