The new wave of mineral foundation...

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As a new supplier of Geishaface mineral makeup I decided to write a guide on such a thing as Mineral Foundation - The trial and tribulations.

When buying mineral foundation always make sure:
-The powder is contained in a sifter jar!
-There is 8-10g of powder in  a 20-30g sifter jar (please note when an auction says 30g sifter jar you are not getting 30g of powder)
-You read the feedback on the powder, as if the powder has not been blended properly its grainy, bitty and does not glide on like velvet.

You can buy various setting powders and finishing viels for mineral foundation but these are not needed with a good mineral foundation which should cost you about £8-£20. Cheaper mineral foundations will need the extra steps to achieve the same effect.

Make sure you have somewhere to apply the foundation as it has a habit of going everywhere. Is this just me being a little wild with the brush? And possibly impatient? You will only need to dip your brush in once and swirl the powder on your face, which means 8g of powder foundation should last 6 months. Mine does and I wear it everyday.

Even if you are very pale, do not assume the very pale powders with ultramarine blue will be for you, as I am as white as a sheet and can only use this colour around my eyes as I look like a ghost otherwise. Pick a pale colour with either pink or yellow undertones, Geishaface 'Me' or 'Leki' are best if you need a comparison of colours. These colours have a sheer shimmer effect but please bear in mind that most mineral foundations are a matt finish.

You don't need to go out and buy an expensive natural brush, I find I like my synthetic brush better and don't like the thought of brushing my face with animal hair. Ewww. So don't think you have to buy an entire kit!

Mineral foundation is also great as a loose powder for a maximum coverage. When I am out on the town ( and made up to the nines, all goth like) I use my normal foundation then my mineral powder so my makeup is going nowhere! It does mean I can acheive a doll like appearence. In the day I just wear mineral foundation.

Great for problem skin! In have used this over dry skin and an amoxycillin allergy rash which itched like hell. No adverse effects! Even though I should have probably just stuck with the camomile, but I needed to go to work and look alive.

A pot of mineral foundation should be in every girls makeup bag, but beware cheap shabby blends and try a sample before you buy!
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