The ps3 scam on eBay

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Most of the info available on PS3 is extremely limited and most
of it is merely rumored or is just plain wrong.
I have looked around and found what I know as the truth
from different trusted sources and past knowledge.
The official release date is November 2006 Worldwide. This was confirmed at the PlayStation Business Briefing 2006

Ok with this in mind I want to help you avoid being scammed on eBay from people claiming they have bought a wholesale lots of these consoles or ask for payment up front to pre-order one.

DONT FALL FOR IT - a lot of these things can go for hundreds of pounds and you wont ever see that money or the console so please be very aware. Also some of these auctions are actually just selling links to sites where you can "preorder" the consoles I have even seen these auctions sell for over £100 due to people not reading the "small print".

You best bet is to buy a playstation 3 when it is actually out in the shops and that way you know what your buying with your money.

However if you still insist on buying a ps3 from eBay or alike sites then follow the following steps in order to minimise your chances of getting scammed:

  • Read the item description very carefully
  • Always check the sellers feedback (avoid those that are private)
  • Avoid any new ebay accounts
  • If seller has hundreds of ps3's then clear sign of a scam
  • Pay using paypal so you can open a dispute if your scammed
  • Use your brain - don't be fooled so easily

Hope this guide has helped you - you can use this to avoid scams on generally any other items on eBay also!

Best of luck to you :-)



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