The right fish choosing the right fish for your tank

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I'm assuming this section will primarily apply to beginners, and so I'm not going to name specific types of tropical fish for you to purchase, however I will give you some pointers on what to look for before you go shopping.

It is important to balance- the different types of tropical fish -in your tank. Different species of tropical fish have varying habitats and lifestyles.

There are tropical fish that live primarily on topwater, the midwater,and others known as bottom feeders. In a community fish tank you want to, Try to keep them happy- establish a balance of all three types.

Some tropical fish also school, and need to be kept in groups, of at least four to six. Other tropical fish tend to be aggressive and should be avoided by beginners. These tropical fish can wreak chaos on a community fish tank and cause other aquarium fish to die from tail nipping, fighting, and stress. You should consult with your dealer before purchasing any new occupants for your freshwater fish tank. You may also want to do a little homework on your own before making a trip to the store or ordering online.

 By spending some time learning the various types of tropical fish available you will have a better game plan for purchasing the right combination for your community fish tank. Also remember to introduce your tropical fish to the fish tank in batches, buying lots every two weeks. This will reduce aggressive behavior towards a single tropical fish when it is introduced and help lead to a peaceful home aquarium, Combine this with Pro feed available in our ebay store and your away. Read our other guies for tank maintenace salt water and fresh, or Goldfish care.

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